Top 5 Coolest Senior-Friendly Businesses Around For Father’s Day

With Father’s Day approaching, we’re all searching for the perfect gift to let dad know just how much we appreciate him. But for those of us who are still fortunate enough to have grandfather’s in our lives, Father’s Day provides the opportunity to honor grandparents too. So in honor of grandfathers, inspired by my own Grandad’s approaching 90th birthday, here are the top senior friendly businesses that can help you show your grandfather just how much you love him this Father’s Day.


Coolest Senior-Friendly Business #5. Home Care Companies


Perhaps not the most innovative, but certainly among the best appreciated gifts that can be given to a senior is the gift of independence which can be provided by home care companies. While giving your grandfather senior care services at home for Father’s Day may seem like a withdrawal of independence, senior home care can allow the elderly to remain living in their own homes, stick to their schedules and routines, and avoid being moved to a nursing home or assisted living facility.


One of the biggest names in senior home care across North America is Home Instead Senior Care, and it’s businesses like this that can help make seniors lives easier and help them keep their independence later in life.


Coolest Senior-Friendly Business #4. Senior Travel Businesses


Always an avid traveler throughout his life, my Grandfather has found himself grounded over the past few years as age began to catch up to him. While approaching 90, he remains reluctant to travel, other people in his demographic may love to take a vacation with the comfort and safety of the niche senior travel industry. Unlike traditional tour groups and other vacation formats, senior-friendly vacations consider the particular needs that seniors have; including catering to limited mobility, decreased energy levels, and nutritional needs.


Many of the major cruise lines specialize in providing cruises just for seniors, including senior single cruises for those looking for love later in life. Travel and tour operators also run specific tours for seniors looking to see the world on their own terms. Organizations like Transitions Abroad even specialize in helping seniors to find volunteer vacations where they can give back to third world counties and do their part to try and improve the planet that has supported them for so many years.  


Coolest Senior-Friendly Business #3. Brain Fitness Programs


Many seniors fear that as they age, they will become senile, suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia which can effect their short and long-term memories greatly impacting their way of life. This Father’s Day, help strengthen your aging loved ones brain by signing them up for a brain fitness program like Vibrant Brains , which allows them to work out their minds at home or in a group environment. By providing seniors the gift of strength in memories, you will be helping them to remember all of those important milestones in their lives.


Coolest Senior-Friendly Business #2. Senior Social Groups


This Father’s Day, why not buy your grandfather a gift certificate or membership to a location where seniors can get together. Places like Mathers Lifeways Cafes allow seniors to socialize with one another, while learning useful skills that will help them to live in today’s modern society. Since many seniors find themselves growing lonely as spouses, family and friends who have been in their lives for ages are passing away, encouraging them to get out there and meet new people can improve their overall quality of life.


Coolest Senior-Friendly Business #1.

  Your Company


Businesses can help show your grandfather how much you love him on Father’s Day, but that’s not everything, The best thing you can give your grandfather to show him how much you love and appreciate him is your company (and no, not the business kind). As my own Grandad’s 90th approaches the day after Father’s Day, I look back over some of the best memories I’ve had with him and one in particular stands out. At age 80, my Grandad let loose with his adventurous side and went parasailing with me during a family vacation, and that’s one moment in time that I won’t forget. So this Father’s Day, if you’re as fortunate as I am to still have your grandfather in your life, give him the pleasure of your company and make some more memories.