Top 5 Coolest Vending Machines of 2009

Vending machines are all about offering convenient services for consumers, and in a world where we have trouble slowing down; vending machines are capturing every niche market. I've written about a wide variety of vending machines in the past, but read on, because these ones are newer vending machine prototypes which are set to be amongst the coolest of 2009.

Coolest Vending Machine #5. Reverse Vending Machines



While we typically think of vending machines as dispensers, there are reverse vending machines that take your stuff instead of giving it to you, in exchange for cash of course. Reverse Vending Machines are a great component of the green trend, because they encourage people to recycle their plastic, aluminum and glass drink containers once they're finished with them. With Reverse Vending Machines, you can purchase a drink from one vending machine, and get some cash back at the next for your empty drink container.


Reverse Vending MachineReverse Vending Machine

Reverse Vending Systems, based out of the UK, is one of the leading providers of Reverse Vending Machines. Their machines identify and sort the type of container deposited, and provide the user a refund for their container based on identification. Better yet, the Reverse Vending Machines also sort and compact the recyclable materials deposited.

Similar Reverse Vending Machine concepts are offered by Envipco Reverse Vending  in the US, and hopefully as we all become more environmentally aware, this will be a trend that continues; with Reverse Vending Machines popping up worldwide.

Coolest Vending Machine #4.

Used Golf Ball Vending


Tilly-Miss Golf is a provider of used golf ball vending machines, ideal for the frustrated golfer who loses their entire golf ball inventory in the water hazards on the golf course and isn't interested in going on an afternoon swimming and fishing expedition. Tilly-Miss Golf used golf ball vending machines can be purchased by golf courses and golf retail locations for installation on the course. Tilly-Miss Golf used golf ball vending machines contain up to 300 used golf balls, which are replenished by the company at pre-determined intervals.

Used Golf Ball Vending MachineUsed Golf Ball Vending Machine

While the used golf ball vending machines certainly won't appeal to the masses, and their design is similar to an old-fashioned candy dispenser, it's a simple yet effective concept that will be appreciated by golfers across the nation.

Coolest Vending Machine #3. Kosher Hot Dog Vending Machine



Find yourself walking down the streets of the urban center where you work craving a hot dog, but just can't trust the street vendors to provide one that's suited to a kosher diet? Worry no more, because Kosher Hot Dog Vending Machines are popping up across the nation.


Kosher Vending MachineKosher Vending Machine

Kosher Vending Industries supplies two kinds of vending machines; one that strictly dispenses a variety of hot dogs and sausages which are cooked from frozen in the Kosher Cart. It has a condiment dispenser conveniently located in the center for topping your kosher delicacy, and convenient payment options so you don't need to fish for change. If a kosher-friendly dairy meal is what you crave, Kosher Vending Industries also has a second vending machine, called the Kosher Café, with tasty snacks that cook from frozen in 90 seconds or less, like mozzarella sticks, pizza, quiche and more.

With Kosher Vending Industries Kosher Carts and Kosher Cafes, religious convictions no longer have to get in the way of convenience!

Coolest Vending Machine #2. WaterWerkx Mixed Drinks On Demand Vending Machine



Convenience and customization; is there a better combination out there? Unlike typical vending machines, WaterWerkx vending machines contain the ingredients to make your drink of choice, rather than the pre-packaged variety, so taste is not sacrificed for convenience. Instead of using cumbersome bottled and canned packaging inside their vending machines, WaterWerkx uses the Pouchlink vending system to store small, compressed packages of drink ingredients.


WaterWerkx Vending MachineWaterWerkx Vending Machine

While WaterWerkx does sell their vending machine technology to other drink companies, they have developed their own line of custom juice drinks. Thirsty vending machine consumers simply need to select their syrup and concentrated juice flavors and the machine mixes their selections with water and chills it on demand for a custom made drink.

WaterWerx and their line of Froobee vending machines offer the ultimate convenience for those who are looking for a fun and unique way to quench their thirst this summer!

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Coolest Vending Machine #1. Moobella Make Your Own Ice Cream Vending Machine



For those who aren't excited by the thought of custom drinks coming out of a vending machine, ice cream is certain to catch your attention. The Moobella series of vending machines uses a unique form of ice crystals to make ice cream to order. Vending machine users aren't stuck with the prefabricated ice cream flavors, and can instead create their own. Twelve different base flavors are available, including vanilla, chocolate, banana, cake batter, and black raspberry to which vending machine consumers can add mix-in flavors like cookies ‘n cream, M&M's or chocolate chips.


Moobella Vending MachineMoobella Vending Machine

Moobella currently has 2 locations somewhere, presumably in the US (since they are a Massachusetts based company); but they are keeping their locations top secret so as not to incite a riot of people eager to make their own real dairy ice cream straight from their vending machine!

If you're curious about what it would cost to get your own personal or business vending machine, check out some of what's available on the market at Amazon here.

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May 2, 2009
by Anonymous

Reverse one is the best

i really like the first one since it can be a very effective tool for recycling wastes and earning money @ the same time

May 2, 2009
by Anonymous

Cool Post!

Nice post! I like the recycling vending machine. How much do you get when you recycle a bottle from bottled waters?

May 7, 2009
by Anonymous

this is a real golfballmachine

tilly-miss is nice but have a look at
that is what i call a golfball vending machine.

Jun 15, 2009
by Anonymous

you forgot

the marijuana dispensing vending machines open for a bit in CA somewhere

Jun 21, 2009
by Anonymous


We had a moo-bella vending machine at the school i was at, Bridgewater State College, in MA, and the thing was awful. It constantly broke down and the ice cream was usually freezer-burned. ntm it was ridiculously overpriced.

Jun 27, 2009
by Anonymous

location of moo bella

I went to school at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and we have one of the elusive moo bella vending machines in our campus center food court.

It's okay. kinda expensive.