The Top 5 Entrepreneurs With Successful Businesses In Childhood and Youth

It's never too early to have good ideas, and children are constantly coming up with them. Unfortunately, it can be hard for young and aspiring entrepreneurs to get the attention of someone who can help take their business from an imaginative idea to a successful business. However, there are 5 young entrepreneurs out there who have broken through those barriers in order to launch successful businesses that have been helped and not hindered by their age!

Youngest Entrepreneur #1: Anshul Samar - Founder and CEO of Alchemist Empire Inc

Anshul Samar is a ninth grader from Silicon Valley who had an idea to create a role playing card game based on chemistry, that's both fun and educational. This young entrepreneur says his dream started in the 4th grade when it first entered his mind to make chemistry fun for kids like him. Now in 9th grade and 13 years old, Anshul Samar has released his first game from the company, and while he's found success, he still enjoys the chance to be a kid; but one well on his way to taking over the world, one entrepreneurial endeavor at a time!

Youngest Entrepreneur #2 : David Buckingham - Custom Alaskan Outhouses

David Buckingham, Young EntrepreneurDavid Buckingham, Young Entrepreneur

David Buckingham, at 16, decided when in Alaska, have a toilet that fits the scenery! His company creates custom Alaskan outhouses starting at $299. While the young entrepreneur admits that most homes in Alaska do have running water and plumbing; it's less about function and more about style, since a custom outhouse brings that authentic, rustic Alaskan feel. Buckingham has been featured by a variety of media outlets for his industriousness, but no news yet if we'll see this kid on Forbes' list of top earners under 25 just yet.

Youngest Entrepreneur #3: Ben Casnocha - Comcate Founder

Ben Casnocha, Child EntrepreneurBen Casnocha, Child Entrepreneur

At 12 years old, Ben Casnocha that founder of Comcate came up with a business model that would end up making him millions. His company, which he now runs at age 19, provides customer support tools for local governments, and has the young entrepreneur mixing and mingling with top executives from Silicon Valley's leading technology corporations. He's got a blog and he's written a book about his acclaim to fame at such a young age; and did I mention that his company brings in an estimated revenue of $750,000 a year?

Youngest Entrepreneur #4: Aaron Swartz - Co-Founder of Reddit, Creator of RSS 1.0

Aaron Swartz, Young EntrepreneurAaron Swartz, Young Entrepreneur

If you have a blog, you've probably used a RSS feed to keep up with the websites and blogs that you like to follow. At 14, this guy co-authored the RSS 1.0, and later also went on to co-found the popular social networking site, Reddit. He no longer works there, but this young entrepreneur can be considered one of the leaders in new technology and social media today; and he's only 20 years old!

Youngest Entrepreneur #5: Jake Lunn, Founder of Nautical Napkins

Jake Lunn, Child EntrepreneurJake Lunn, Child Entrepreneur

This 11-year old proves that when you have a strong interest in something, it is possible to turn that into a successful business. This entrepreneur, who really is the youngest of the bunch, founded Nautical Napkins, a company that creates custom napkins to be used on board ships and yachts, loved boats so much he wanted to get involved in the industry somehow. He's clearly too young to get his boater's licensed and captain a ship, so he launched this business instead with the support of his parents. This young entrepreneur might not be raking in the big bucks, but he has broken even after managing to earn enough revenue to pay off his equipment purchases for his startup!

Via: The Oregonian andThe Digerati Life