Top 5 Most Terrifying & Disturbing Restaurants To Visit This Halloween

It seems like no matter where you go around the world, there's a unique experience offered that might just want to make you run screaming home to momma. With Halloween approaching, there's no better time to terrify and disturb yourself or your loved ones, so here are some of the top 5 most terrifying and disturbing restaurants that you just can't miss this year.

#5.Most Terrifying & Disturbing Restraurant -  Buns and Guns in Beruit

Buns and Guns Restaurant in BeruitBuns and Guns Restaurant in Beruit

This restaurant is built for the military enthusiast who doesn't actually want to venture into war torn territory, but wants to experience some of the fear they would face if they were. The outside of the restaurant is designed to make patrons feel like they're entering a military bunker, and once inside, they're served by staff dressed in military fatigues. To make the experience feel a little bit more authentic, there is a soundtrack constantly playing that makes diners want to duck for cover in terror as planes fly low overhead and bombs and grenades are dropped. The Buns and Guns restaurant in Beruit features sandwiches and burgers, and while the fare itself might not be scary, they do use the tagline "one sandwich can kill you"/

#4. Most Terrifying & Disturbing Restaurant - Modern Toilet Eatery in Taiwan

Modern Toilet Restaurant in TaiwanModern Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan

Foods and bathrooms are two things that don't typically go together, which is why the Modern Toilet Eatery in Taiwan offers such a disturbing experience to patrons.  Seating is provided throughout the restaurant along with tables, but it's not what you'd expect - the complete restaurant decor is just like a modern bathroom. Toilets offer patrons a place to sit down, and their meals are served on sinks that have been converted into table tops.

The meals might make you lose your lunch if you don't have a strong stomach, since they are served in miniature toilet bowls, and while they taste good, they are designed to look as unappetizing as possible (I think the pictures do justice).

#3. Most Terrifying & Disturbing Restaurant - Eternity Coffin Cafe in the Ukraine

Eternity Coffin Cafe in the UkraineEternity Coffin Cafe in the Ukraine

The Eternity Cafe is located in a building-sized coffin that has no windows for a macabre and somewhat terrifying dining experience. Although many diners are visiting Eternity just to gawk at the first death-themed restaurant, it is designed in part to help through the mourning process, with menu items even being named from various cultural death rituals.  As part of the decor, there are coffins, funeral wreaths and other items better suited to a funeral than a dining establishment, but that's just the point.

The cafe is run by an undertaker who is also responsible for a nearby funeral home, so this entrepreneur really knows how to best represent death to diners looking for a unique experience. The Eternity Cafe has also been acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Recods as the biggest coffin in the world!

#2.  Most Terrifying & Disturbing Restaurant - Fortezza Medicea Prison Restaurant in Italy

Fortezza Medicea Prison Restaurant in ItalyFortezza Medicea Prison Restaurant in Italy

While some of the above restaurants only mimic a terrifying experience, Fortezza Medicea in Italy provides the real thing. Brave diners can reserve a table at this restaurant that's actually located inside a maximum security prison; and getting in isn't just as simple as picking up the phone and making a reservation either. Prospective diners first need to submit to a criminal background check, and if they're approved, upon entry into the restaurant will be searched and have the majority of their personal belongings seized.

Don't think that when dining at Fortezza Medicea that you won't get up close and personal with the convicted inmates either, since they are actually the kitchen and wait staff responsible for serving your meal, all under the watchful eye of dozens of armed prison guards ready to save you from the face of danger should you be at risk.

Although we've seen Conviction Kitchen open recently in the Toronto area, Fortezza Medicea puts it to shame - these aren't petty thieves trying to re-enter society and cook some delicious food along the way; these are criminals doing serious hard time. Their food's to die for, but hopefully, you'll leave unscathed.

#1. Most Terrifying & Disturbing Restaurant -  Guo-Li-Zhuang Penis Restaurant in Beijing

Bejiing Penis RestaurantBejiing Penis Restaurant

Unlike the restaurants above, this is one restaurant that is disturbing to diners not because of the decor or theme, but because of the menu. This restaurant serves penis, lots and lots of penis from all sorts of animals. Halloween is often about sampling disgusting things that will make you lose your appetite for years, but the Guo-Li-Zhuang restaurant really beats it all; don't be surprised when you find a big ‘ol penis accompanied by testicles on your dinner plate.

Via: Cracked