Top 5 Natural Soaps Sold On Amazon

When it comes to soaps, I don't waste a moment with anything that is not natural and doesn't have olive oil in it. That's the thing about olive oil, when in doubt, and all else pales, the one ingredient we can all fall back on is olive oil. That's been my philosophy as far as keeping healthy, a philosophy passed from grandma, to mom and to me and I will pass that to my daughters too. That's why I always use soaps made with olive oil. It moisturizes my skin deeply, while it cleans. To convince you of my love affair with olive oil, I have put together the top five natural soaps, all hand-made, all using olive oil and all great on your skin. Here goes.

#5 Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Bar

Kiss My Face really does make my face more kissable. I can't say that I am surprised, after all this soap is 100% olive oil. It retails on Amazon for $25.73 for a pack of 8 bars. Each bar is 8 ounces and as a facial soap, lasts about a month each.

That's why I like this bar or live oil soap so much. It cleans my face without using any harsh, abrasive or toxic material, and then leaves a light layer of olive oil on my face. The vitamin E and Beta Carotene that's contained in the bar leaves my face feeling soft and smooth, instead of the dry and flakey result of using commercial soaps. I am not the only one, have you seen what the other folks say about it? Go ahead, read it. You're going to find comments like, "I won't let any other soap touch my face", and "the feel of the skin is amazing." Looking at the reviews you find that most people agree with me, and that's why this soap deserves the top 5 position among all natural soaps sold on Amazon. 

#4 Greek Olive Oil Soap (Face and Body)

This unscented bar weighs 7 ounces and is made from Cretan Greek olive oil, mixed with a little organic coconut oil, cocoa butter and olive leaf powder. Well you all know that I am a strong believer in olive oil. It has the natural ability to improve the skins natural elasticity and helps retain the moisture (have I mentioned that yet?) so between allowing natural elasticity and increasing the moisture, the skin naturally removes blotches and wrinkles.

Use the soap daily for face and body. I also learnt not to use it with a scrub, just lather up your hands and massage it gently. There is no fragrance to mask the olive oil and so while you're in the shower you are treated to the full fragrance of comforting olives. It's a luxurious feel during the shower and after. Each bar retails for $10 on Amazon but one of the problems I have with this soap, is that they frequently run out of stock. So once you like it, keep a few in stock.

#3 Syrian Olive Oil Soap from Mesopotamia

This is another exotic find that I absolutely love. If you look at the Amazon rankings, the highest rank it has received is 5 stars and the lowest is 3 stars. That says a lot. It's really nothing much to look at. It s a brick of soap with uneven edges. What you can do is actually slice the soap once you get it and keep the unused portion in the pantry. It seems to last longer that way. one thing you got to remember when dealing with natural soaps is that there are no chemical preservatives.


The soap weighs 200 grams and costs $16.99 per bar. Everyday usage for face and body will spend the soap in a month. If you're just using it for your face, then it may last a little longer. While perusing Amazon's product page for this soap, I noticed a number of people claim to use it for their hair as well. I don't see the harm in that as it is purely olive oil.

#2 Olive Oil Soap from Tunisia

This soap is crafted by hand. It is made from pure olive oil from the Mediterranean and made in Tunisia. It comes in a block of 400 grams and its a pretty big bar. Like I mentioned earlier, with the other bar, you may want to slice this bar and keep the unused portion in the closet. There is a mild fragrance in the soap, but nothing too strong to rob the senses of the olive oil base. This soap catches my interest because it received a love-it-or-hate-it response from those who bought it on Amazon. It only has 5 stars or 1.

The ones who like the soap, as far as I can tell are those who like the nostalgia of old world craftsmanship. The soap is not neatly shaped in a steel mold, its hand crafted and cut in to blocks. It is quite hardy so using a body sponge is perfectly acceptable. It works well as a facial soap, hand soap or a full-body soap. At $8.95, it's a steal.

#1 Bamboo Charcoal Black Soap

What's better than a purely olive oil soap? An olive oil soap with the addition of bamboo charcoal. Here is why the combo is great. Olive oil, on its own, is one of the best natural oils for the human hair and skin. It is able to moisturize the skin to a very deep level, leaving one's skin totally healthy. So the good looking skin is not just cosmetic, it looks good, because it is healthy and feels good. But the one thing that olive oil fails to do, is deep clean and detoxify. This is where the bamboo charcoal comes in. This bar is made from 60% olive oil, bamboo charcoal, coconut oil, lavender oil, rose geranium and a couple of other fantastic ingredients.

At $12.95 for a 10 ounce bar on Amazon, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Its pretty new on Amazon so there aren't many reviews from customers there, but go any place on the internet and you will see that my enthusiasm about this soap is not misplaced. It works superbly well on sensitive skin and the ash acts as a mild exfoliant. It really is the ideal combination.

Olive oil is a natural emollient which means it boosts the skin's natural ability to retain moisture. That is usually the biggest problem with most people and their skin, between air conditioning, dry heat, chemical sunscreens and the unnatural levels of toxic pollution in the air, our skin, especially on the face, take a severe beating.

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