Top 5 New Businesses That Should Profit From The Swine Flu (H1N1 Virus)

With fears about the Swine Flu (H1N1) pandemic spreading wordwide, not everyone is living in fear. Some business, are seeing dollar signs as the media continues to instill fear about the Swine Flu in the minds of Americans and the rest of the population around the world, because their profits should quickly rise. Here are some innovative new businesses that should see a profit from the Swine Flu.

Swine Flu Business #5. The Givewell Gift card



The bad news is, right in time for the Swine Flu, Givewell, a company that supplies healthcare gift cards has stopped all operations. With people throughout the US and around the world fearing that the pesky tickle in their throat or upset stomach might be indicative of the Swine Flu, they couldn't have chosen a worse time. With Givewell, people can purchase healthcare gift cards for those they love; alleviating the burden of medical costs for routine checkups and medical treatments.


Givewell, I hope you're listening, because right now you're really missing out on a worldwide hypochondriac phenomenon.

Swine Flu Business #4. Virtual Doctors



With germaphobic celebrities like Howie Mandel in hiding due to the Swine Flu outbreak, staying at home when possible is becoming a growing trend to help people avoid the Swine Flu epidemic. But what happens if someone like Howie Mandel comes down with an illness while hiding out from the world, and worse yet, what if he exhibits symptoms of the Swine Flu. Risking a doctor's visit with handfuls of other infected people just isn't a possibility for those fearful of contracting the illness, so thankfully, there are virtual doctors that can provide medical treatment without you having to leave home, or having them set foot in your residence. With these virtual doctor's services, patients only need to logon to the virtual doctor's office, and ask their question via email or even by talking one-on-one with a doctor through a webcam. While not all virtual doctor's currently provide diagnoses, many will field questions, display their patients test results, and even refill prescriptions online.


Swine Flu Business #3. InstyMeds Prescription Vending Machine


Like making a visit to the doctor, visiting the pharmacist could risk exposure to Swine Flu as the epidemic is spreading. So, if you fear contacting this illness from another client at the pharmacist waiting for the prescription (who knows what the medicine they're picking up is really for... could be the Swine Flu!) use InstyMeds instead. InstyMeds is the first ATM style prescription dispensing machine. To request that a prescription be filled at an InstyMeds machine, doctors can fill out web-based prescription requests, or clients can submit their written prescriptions right at the machines for convenient medication dispensing at any hour of the day or night, without requiring a visit to an illness infected pharmacy!

Swine Flu Business #2. Sanitgrasp




This is one company that's already acknowledging an increase in publicity since the Swine Flu (H1N1) outbreak. Their product is simple; it's a special doorhandle that allows people to use their arm or wrist to open a door in a public location instead of having to pull on it with their hand, risking the contraction of germs on the door's service. Since the Swine Flu is spread just like any other flu illness, through germs that rest on surfaces due to coughs or sneezes, people are thinking twice about using their hands to touch things in public places, and this is one product that ensures that pandemically paranoid just don't have to.

Swine Flu Business #1. The PatientPak




When I wrote about this business initially back in February of this year, I question whether the PatientPak that the business has developed is a practical product or a product of paranoia. While I still lean towards the latter, with fear of the Swine Flu pandemic spreading worldwide, I now think that product of paranoia or not, their timing couldn't be better. PatientPak makes kits for germaphobes who are staying in or visiting a hospital to help them fend off illness. While I did admit this may be a practical product in some regards, for seniors with weakened immune systems, I now believe that the PatientPak should be remarketed as the Swine Flu/H1N1 Survival Kit.

May 11, 2009
by Anonymous


Is this available in the U.S?