Top 6 Alcoholic Clothing & Accessories: The Fun, The Tacky and the Classy

The best clothing for alcoholics and liquor lovers are those that allow them to drink discreetly, those that allow them to be loud and proud in their drinking, and those that are classy and understated. In honor of all of you liquor lovers and alcoholics who are in seek of accessories to help you support your habit or pronounce your love, here are the top alcoholic clothing and accessories.

6. The Beer Belly

Beer BellyBeer Belly

You've seen in before, it's been written about, sported to events by those who are loud and proud about the fact that they're drinking, and it's been purchased by those who have a strong appreciation for alcoholic novelty items. But how could I pass up mentioning such a tacky alcoholic accessory?

5. The Wine Rack

Wine RackWine Rack

The counterpart to the Beer Belly, the wine rack is worn exactly as you'd think; providing unnatural breast enhancement while transporting your favorite beverage. Like the Beer Belly, it offers some level of discretion, that is, until you go to take a drink; but hey, this isn't for the alcoholically shy.

4. The Beer Holster

Beer HolsterBeer Holster

Anything but discreet, this alcoholic accessory might just get you arrested for drinking in public if you venture too far from home, but that's just the risk that you'll have to take in order to make a bold fashion statement while toting your beer. The beer holster can attach to any belt and also wraps around the thigh for added support.

3. Classy Alcoholic Cufflinks

Luxe Coterie Alcoholic CufflinksLuxe Coterie Alcoholic Cufflinks

Luxe Coterie, as an added bonus, recently put exclusive cufflinks in the first few bottles of Mendis Coconut Brandy. The classy cufflinks are made from white gold and adorned with cognac diamonds. If you were lucky enough to land yourself a pair of these cufflinks, wear them proudly and don't hide their true origins!

2. Glamorous Alcohol Inspired Cocktail Rings

Piaget Limelite Paradise Cocktail RingsPiaget Limelite Paradise Cocktail Rings

You're not about to drink from one of this classy and expensive rings adorned with plenty of expensive bling, but the Piaget Limelite Paradise rings are glamorous alcohol-inspired rings...and if you want to get technical, they are cocktail rings inspired by popular, classy cocktails. Cocktail rings design include the Sex on the Beach, Caipirinha and Blue Hawaiian.

1. Drinking Shoes

Drinking ShoesDrinking Shoes

Forget about Sex on the Beach...let's just talk about drinking on the beach. These fashion accessories aren't about class; they're about hitting the beach with your favorite drink in hand..or rather...foot. These flip flips hold your drink of choice in the soles, so a little sip of some liquid courage is never far away. These beachy shoes are every alcoholic's dream, because you can never have enough hiding places the sober police won't find!

Via: The Luxury Insider , The Beer Belly  and TrendHunter