10 Best Surveillance And Hidden Spy Cameras For The Super Sneaky


The spy camera has been an important evidence gathering tool ever since the Tica Expo Watch Camera hit the market in the late 1800's. Looking like an ordinary pocket watch, which at the time was almost as ubiquitous as today's cellphone, it allowed spies, undercover officers and private eyes to easily gather visual evidence that prior to that had been extremely difficult or practically impossible. In time cameras would be built into almost every object imaginable, and to this day the trend continues. Only nowadays modern technology has made it possible to develop smaller devices and to operate them remotely, or have them take pictures or shoot video automatically thanks to movement or heat sensors. 

Spy cameras traditionally have been very inexpensive. A Tica Expo Watch Camera in 1931 would cost you $5, which would be just over $70 in today's dollars. And there are spy cameras to be had for much less. The low cost and ease of use of modern spy cameras have made them accessible to ordinary consumers, not just well-funded intelligence agencies. 

This brings us to our next point. Consumers should be aware that there are legal and ethical ramifications regarding the use of hidden spy cameras in the workplace, at home, government buildings and other places. As an example, conservative activist James O'Keefe recently agreed to pay $100,000 to Juan Carlos Vera, former ACORN employee, who he videotaped without his consent. Be sure to check your state's laws regarding surreptitious audio and video recording before doing anything.

Having said that, let's look at ten of the most clever hidden spy cameras in the market. These were selected based on low price point, uniqueness and, of course, coolness factor.

I limited my reviews to spy cameras available on Amazon so that I could point readers to reviews. We may get a small commission if you buy a camera using our links, but there are other quality spy cameras available from BrickHouse Electronics and many other camera shops.


MP3+1 Spy Camera ($34)

The MP3+1 spy camera looks like a second generation iPod Shuffle. Talk about inconspicuous. You can store up to 8 GB of mp3 files, so you can actually listen to music on it. The 1.3 MP camera records 640x480 video at 20 fps in AVI format and can also take JPG pictures. The rechargeable battery will let you shoot for about two hours per charge. Use the USB connector to transfer the videos and pictures to your computer.


HatCam Baseball Cap Spy Camera ($40) 

This baseball spy camera lets you shoot full color 1280 by 960 video at 30 fps and store it on a micro SD card (max 4GB, not included). Use the included wireless remote control to shoot all you want without anyone noticing. Comes with headphones so you can use it as a Bluetooth headset and MP3 player. The rechargeable Li-On battery provides about two hours of recording. Transfer video to your computer using the included USB cable or connecting the Micro SD card to a memory card reader. (Update: This exact model camera does not have enough good reviews, so also consider the other options available here.)


SpyCrusher HD Spy Camera Pen ($50)

This stylish spy camera pen definitely delivers a lot of bang for your buck. For only $50 you get a fully functional pen with a concealed camera with the capability to capture 1280 x 720p HD video in AVI format at 30 fps, audio and 12 MP JPG photos. Not bad for such a little camera. It comes with a Micro SD 8GB card(expandable to 16 GB), records 88  minutes of video on a single charge and lets you transfer video, audio and pictures to your computer using an internal USB connector. It has three recording modes: Video/Audio, Solo Audio, Solo Still Images. It can record 20 hours of audio on a 4GB card. 8 GB model available.


POV ACG-20 Spy Camera Glasses ($94) 

Look stylish with the water-resistant ACG-20 Spy Camera Glasses while you're capturing video with its hidden 3 Megapixel camera. The built-in 4GB memory will let you record up to 3 hours of video at 30 fps, 640x480 in AVI format. The lenses are polarized, so you will be protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Built-in microphone lets you record audio too. A Micro SD slot can add up to 8GB of memory (Not included). The Li-Polymer battery will let you record for up to 4 hours on a single charge. Plug the unit to your computer with the included USB cable to transfer your video and audio.


Necktie Spy Camera ($100)

The Necktie Spy Camera is perfect for those situations where a suit is more appropriate. Using the included wireless remote you can capture hours of high-resolution (720 x 480 in AVI format) video and audio and store it on its 4 GB memory. Review it on your computer via its USB connection. The battery lasts 3-4 hours on a single charge. 


Mini Smiley Face Spy Camera ($25)

Use the Smiley Face Spy Camera when a business suit would be out of place. Pin it on your t-shirt and you're ready to go. Store 30 fps AVI video at 720 x 480, JPG pictures at 2048 x 1536 and audio in WAV format on a Micro SD card (up to 16GB). Card not included. Supports USB 2.0 transfer. 


ID Card Spy Camera ($80) 

The ID Card Spy Camera is almost as thin as a regular ID badge, so it will definitely go unnoticed. Wear it using the included lanyard or clip, and customize it with your own picture to make it even more realistic. Capture up to two hours on a single charge. The 4GB internal memory is enough for about 2.5 hours of video or hundreds of pictures. Shoots 352 x 288 video at 15 fps in AVI format and audio as WAV.  Captures pictures at a resolution of 1280 x 1014. When not on a surveillance mission you can connect it to your Windows PC (32 bit) and use it as a webcam. Transfer files to your PC using the included USB cable. 


Spy Watch With Hidden Camera ($60)


This water resistant spy watch has a very discreet lens built into its face. Its lithium battery lets you shoot AVI format video for up to two hours per charge. Also captures photos and sound on the internal 4GB memory.  There is a large selection of other spy camera watches here that you can also consider but no clear winner based on available reviews.


Lighter Spy Camera ($30)

This spy camera is hidden inside an ordinary-looking lighter. What's amazing about the lighter spy camera is that it records high definition 1080p video at 29 fps in AVI format. It doesn't use any gas, but the electric ignition will actually light a cigarette. It can be used as a webcam, just like the ID Card Spy Camera above. It has a flashlight function to be used in an emergency. Supports USB 2.0 and 3.0 data transfers. The rechargeable lithium battery will allow you to shoot for up to two hours.


Car Alarm Remote Spy Camera ($40)

Your keys and car alarm remote spy camera placed on a table will hardly arouse any suspicion. The built-in micro camera provides 720 x 480 video at 30 frames per second in AVI format. It also produces JPG images at a 1280 x 1024 resolution. The rechargeable lythium-polimer battery provides enough power to record up to 90 minutes of footage. Supports SD cards (up to 8GB). Use the supplied data cable to connect the device to your computer and transfer your files, or pull out the SD card and use a memory card reader


So Which Is The Best Spy Camera?

There are definitely a lot of choices, but some devices may be more appropriate to certain types of situations and environments, as explained by Tom Burnett, Director of Public Relations at Wymoo International, a private investigation firm.

"We've used watches that are equipped with video and audio recording capability, as well as pens placed in a shirt pocket to record conversations at close range.  The watch devices are usually the most effective and reliable.  I know of several infidelity and fraud cases where the watch surveillance device provided valuable evidence."

Spy cameras need not always be used to obtain evidence of wrong-doing, or to pull a prank on somebody, as Burnett explains in the following feel-good story.

"We recently conducted a missing person investigation for a client in Europe who had lost contact with his uncle over 20 years ago.  The client had often wondered if his uncle was alive and what happened to him.  He only wanted to know if he was still alive and well.  After some investigation, we located who we believed to be the client's uncle.  The surveillance footage of the client's uncle, who was happy and well on another continent, brought much joy to our client and to our team as well."

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