Top Digg Contributor's are Frustrated: Is Mixx the Answer?

Digg is an online technology community who counts on the user's of the community to vote on their favorite technology news stories rather than editors. Digg has been online since 2000, and they are currently one of the top websites in the World. According to the Alexa traffic rankings, Digg is currently ranked as the 117th most trafficked website in the World (24th in the U.S. alone). Lately though, some of Digg's top contributors are becoming fed-up with Digg's community policies saying that they are unfair, and even saying that the Digg community is driven by possible conspiracies that involve burying certain stories or topics within the site.

It has recently been reported by TechCrunch that many of the top contributors to Digg are leaving the online community for what they say are better alternatives. Many of these contributors are switching to Reddit, Propeller, or Mixx.

Digg vs. MixxDigg vs. Mixx

Mixx is the new kid on the block in terms of online technology communities. Mixx was launched in September 2007, and it has already started to make an impact against websites such as Digg. Mixx is nowhere near the size of Digg, but some people are saying that with more and more people leaving the Digg community, other tech communities should continue to grow at a rapid pace. In the 2 months that Mixx has been online, they currently have an Alexa traffic rank of 35,044 Worldwide (3,430 in the U.S.).

Vandelay Design is a website design and blog customization company, and they have recently commented on Mixx vs. Digg, saying "...Mixx has a much more positive audience than Digg. It always amazes me that even the most popular and highest quality articles can get so many negative and unnecessarily degrading comments on Digg."

A recent interview by discussed one top Digger who was recently banned on Digg for content that made it to the front page of Reddit. The name of this Digg contributor is Greg Davies, and he is currently ranked as the 106th top Digger in the World; even after he was banned. He has recently started posting quite a lot of content at Mixx, and he calls Mixx "fresh" and says "(Mixx) has a lot of potential".

Digg is most likely going to remain the top tech community in the World for the near future, but they shouldn't take that for granted. Other fresh, new tech communities, like Mixx, are popping up as we speak, and they should provide some healthy competition to Digg. This competition will only help to improve the way that these online tech communities are run, so overall it's a good thing.


Source: TechCrunch

Joe Eitel's Gadget Blog

EDITOR'S NOTE: Isn't it interesting is that the folks at Digg buried this article within minutes of it being posted there. Anyone here from Mixx willing to post this to Mixx and see if we can get a warmer reception?

Nov 24, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Mixx ain't anywhere near

Mixx ain't anywhere near digg.....the 'negative and unnecessarily degrading comments' just make you want to try harder. Nice people=boring.

Nov 25, 2007
by cambrown99 (not verified)

As a top 50 digger, I'm

As a top 50 digger, I'm absolutely fed up with digg. I signed up with Mixx last night and will see how that goes.

Nov 25, 2007
by P5ycH0 (not verified)

Why do you guys get fed

Why do you guys get fed up?
Digg clearly wants to have the articles leading. Not the article posters.
It's not a contest !! I would like to get rid of any references to posters completely. That way only the articles count.
You don't like comments? Don't read them. It's not that hard.
You don't like Digg? Get the fuck out. How hard is that?

Nov 25, 2007
by Body Beauty


Never heard of Mixx before. Thanks.

Nov 25, 2007
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

Cambrown99:Great to have you


Great to have you visit our site.

I hope you like Mixx. So far, I think it is working well.  We've had a lot of frustrations with Digg so I am hoping another option like Mixx becomes a real alternative.



Nov 25, 2007
by Michelle
Michelle's picture

I agee that Mixx is nowhere

I agee that Mixx is nowhere near Digg yet, but I think it has real possibiilities. I for one think it is worth supporting.

 Digg really is just a popularity contest.  I think our site has some really unique content, but it rearely makes it to the front page.  I will then see another site top digger support which later cites our article get on the front page with our hard found news scoop.

 I will be nice if there was another alternative.


Dec 1, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Learn how to use apostrophes

Learn how to use apostrophes (or how not to use them). Clue: title and first sentence.