Top Five Super Bowl XLIV Commercials - Sneak Peaks

For those of you who are of the camp that "only watch the game for the commercials," this blog is for you!  [Spoiler Alert] ? From the raucous antics of, to an aging quarterback, to a very cherry Dr Pepper, to the return of a legendary rock band and ending with one controversial 'don't-ask-don't tell' commercial, this year's TOP FIVE can be seen here in advance of the game. They're inventive - they're insane - and they're definitely the caliber of ads the Super Bowl is known for.

Let me know if you agree with my TOP FIVE picks by taking our POLL at the end of the blog to vote for your favorite.


In this one-of-two commercials, hosting company GoDaddy news anchor is conducting a 'gotcha' interview with Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick about commercials known for being too hot for television. Both GoDaddy Super Bowl 2010 Ads will have a cliff hanger at the end that invites Super Bowl viewers to go online to watch the unrated part of the commercial. This is the 6th consecutive year Go Daddy has advertised in the Super Bowl and since debuting in 2005, the domain name registrar and Web hosting provider has grown its industry market share to nearly 50%, making it three times the size of its closest competitor according to GoDaddy.

2- Hyundai

Hyundai will also air two Super Bowl commercials during the Super Bowl on Sunday.The funny one is called 10 years/Favre and features Brett Favre who is this season's NFC North champion Minnesota Vikings QB who holds the NFL "iron man" record for most consecutive games started. In the Hyundai Super Bowl ad Favre accepts the Most Valuable Player award after the 2020 football season (so they aged the superstar to 50 years old for the role).

3- Doritos

Doritos has closed its voting on the final six Super Bowl ad competition for 2010. The three winning Super Bowl Ads will be aired during Super Bowl XLIV. Doritos opened the voting for the 2010 ad entries earlier this year. As reported, Doritos is putting $5 million on the line if all three of their ads land on top of the USA Today Ad Meter, the national scorecard of Super Bowl advertising. The prize money incentives motivated over 4,000 Doritos Super Bowl 2010 ad submissions.

4- Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper Super Bowl 2010 Ad will feature the band Kiss. FastCompany already published a preview video of the Dr Pepper Super Bowl commercial which also features the band miniKiss. Both bands play together in the Dr Pepper ad promoting Dr Pepper Cherry. According to Wikipedia, MiniKiss is a Kiss tribute band made up entirely of little people, and is one of the most popular little people tribute bands in existence today. Members include band leader Joey Fatale (4'4" - Mini Gene Simmons). Here is some behind-the-scene footage filmed by Entertainment Tonight featuring the legendary rockers preparing for their Super Bowl commercial debut.

5- ManCrunch

Even though the ManCrunch ad was not accepted for airing on this year's Super Bowl broadcast, I had to include it as one of my TOP FIVE, just based on the creativity that went into this production, and the subsequent controversy that was generated. As the story goes  - a gay-hookup site called ManCrunch submitted an ad to CBS for inclusion during the Super Bowl.  There apparently were subsequent leaks to the media that they expected to be turned down because the ad included two men kissing. CBS has largely been silent on the controversy, after they issued a statement that stated Mancrunch's “creative (was) not within the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday.”

So what do you think will take the spotlight during this year's 2010 Super Bowl: The actual match-up of the Saints vs Colts? - or the commercials? Believe it or not - according to the pollsters at Nielson, more than half of the Super Bowl couch potatoes (51%) will be tuning in to watch the TV commercials. So if you're part of that crowd, by all means take our Super Bowl Commercial POLL and let us know your favorite commercial pick (see below).

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