Top Five Performances At 2010 Grammys

The 2010 Grammys seemed more like a 3 1/2 hour concert than it did an award show. For those that missed it, or those that just want to see an encore, there were five performances that stood out from the others (20 in total). As an 'invention" news site, InventorSpot  is known for finding the best of the best, and these TV performances were the most 'inventive' I have seen in a long time. Don't be surprised if you don't see the big winners of the night listed (namely Beyoncé and Taylor Swift).

Here are my picks. Take our POLL at the end of the blog and let us know your favorite?

1- Michael Jackson's "Earth Song"

Michael Jackson's tribute at the Grammys this year featured one of his songs that never gained wide popularity during his life, titled, "Earth Song" (first released in 1995). The backdrop requiring 3-D glasses were clips from Jackson's Tribute movie, "This Is It." If you were in the know, you probably stopped by your video store to pick up a pair of glasses before the TV performance. Matching Jackson's superlative vocals, some of today's finest artists belted out portions of the lyrics in perfect harmony with Jackson. Usher, Celine Dion, Smokey Robinson, Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood and their powerful voices were well chose to accompany the King of Pop.

2- Pink's "Glitter In The Air"

Each year, the producers of the Grammys try to outdo themselves and Pink certainly set the bar for the other female artists this year.  Conjuring up visions of Cirque du Soleil, Pink literally embodied the lyrics as she performed in a suspension act made you wonder if  she once worked as aerial performer in a previous life. To call this performance "riveting" is an understatement. To describe the performance would simply not do it justices. So here is the video that allows you to appreciate the beauty and fluidity of her ingenious act - and P.S. - all the more unique - considering all the physical endurance required for this performance, Pink did not resort to lip-synching.

3- Lady Gaga & Elton John's Duet

The rumored and much anticipated Grammy Awards pairing of Lady Gaga and Sir Elton John did not disappoint. Equally as talented on the piano, Lady Gaga joined the Yellow Brick Road Maestro in a piano duet that featured a number of songs from the past and present. The arrangement was a fusion of Gaga's "Speechless" and Sir Elton's "Your Song." This number followed the very first song of the evening, a lavish performance by Gaga of "Poker Face" that ended with the Lady being thrown into a cauldron of fire only to appear opposite Elton John wearing smoked-charred make-up.

4- Mary J.Blige & Andrea Bocelli's "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"

In tribute to the 40th year anniversary of Paul Simon and Art Gunfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Waters," the unlikely pairing of R&B artist Blige and the pop tenor Bocelli was a performance in search of an appropriate superlative (sorry, I couldn't think of one that would give it justice). Joining forces, their song was an appeal for the fund-raising efforts of Haiti. The once-in-a-lifetime performance (audio and video)  is available for download at All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross, benefiting the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

5- Dave Matthews' "You and Me"

Only the Dave Matthews Band could turn a 'tiny song' big! With 45 people in total, featuring back-up choruses, percussionists, horn players and a string section from a symphony orchestra, they blew this tune out of the Staples' Stadium. Matthews himself was the most animated I have ever seen him on stage, as he elbow-danced his way to the song's crescendo, reminiscent of Joe Cocker.

So these are my favorites. There were others including Jamie Foxx's joint with the likes of T-Pain and Doug E, but I discounted it because the sound was pre-recorded. Also, there were some questionable performances as well. I agree with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Scott Mervis' assessment of some of the less stellar moments. Here's the awards he handed out.

Best bleepin' rap medley: The Eminem/Lil Wayne/Drake/Travis Barker mash-up that kept tripping the censors. Or was that my TV? No, I definitely think they sprinkled that tune with plenty of four-letter expletives.

Worst audition for Fleetwood Mac: Taylor Swift cracking on the high notes of "Rhiannon" in a duet with Stevie Nicks. Worse yet, the Mac diva had to stick  around for a duet on "You Belong With Me," even though it was clear it was not her cup of tea.

Band most likely to star in a remake of the "Sgt. Pepper" movie: The Black Eyed Peas want to be so 3010, with their robots dancers, but those black uniforms also screamed Beatles fetish.

For those interested in purchasing the 20 songs acknowledged by the Grammy Academy, a download is available for $9.99 at iTunes.

20 Songs at the 2010 Grammys20 Songs at the 2010 Grammys

So, there you have the best and the "could-have-been-better" performances of the evening. Take a moment and vote for your favorites in our Top Five Performances At 2010 Grammys POLL (see below) - and if we missed your favorite, please let us know.
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Feb 1, 2010
by Anonymous

Pink's was good but I don't

Pink's was good but I don't think it deserves as much credit as it's getting because she has performed it, in her words "160 times". It was part of her concert. She has done the trapeze thing at 2 other award shows. I loved this and it was my fave until I found this out. Can she not come up with anything new?? Gaga is on tour coming back from a struggle w/ exhaustion, shooting a new video, etc, and still managed to come up with a new performance. She could have just stuck one her her songs from The Monster Ball on there and called it a day like Pink, but instead she gave her fans something new. Therefore, she wins.

Feb 1, 2010
by Anonymous

dave matthews band was awesome

just 6 talented guys, an ensemble of talented musicians and singers including high school costumes and no gimmicks.. AWESOME!

Feb 1, 2010
by Anonymous

Pink is amazing, beautiful

Pink is amazing, beautiful and oh so talented. Love her to pieces

Feb 1, 2010
by Anonymous

Top five:`

You're very politically correct in picking the performances you did but you are not artistically conrrect. The more glitz in a production the weaker the performance. Andrea and MJ Blige were fantastic, escpecially MJ who puts everything into a song. Also the unique and awesome skill of Jeff Beck playing How High the Moon with the talented Imelda May doing the vocal was my favorite. No robots, costumes, trapeze, or fireworks. John

Feb 2, 2010
by Ron Callari

Jeff Beck - "How High The Moon"

Scorch1, if I had a Top 6, Jeff Beck would have been my sixth choice. And I agree, some of the more simplistic performances were the best , but that doesn't discount PINK nor LADY GAGA who with all the perfomance art incorporated still pulled off tremendous vocals!

Feb 2, 2010
by Anonymous


Your wrong Eminem 1st