Top Five Strollers For Parents On The Go

Life doesn’t have to stop once you have your baby, and manufacturers from Graco™ to Jeep™ are making that an even truer statement with their production of baby strollers perfectly suited for travel wherever you go

Best Stroller #1: Evenflo X Spot Plus Convenience Stroller

First up is the Evenflo X Sport Plus Convenience Stroller. It may have an impressively long name, but this stroller is all about minimalism and functionality. Sturdy enough to still be considered a standard stroller, it also has a convenient bi-fold frame perfect for road trips and other modes of family travel. Also included is a large basket for storage purposes, easily accessible from both the front and back of the stroller. With plenty of room for baby’s most prized possessions, the Convenience Stroller can support children up to 40 pounds and is a favorite with parents who want a quality transportation solution without a lot of expense or hassle. Evenflo recently received a 5-star rating on for this model and design. (Update: This exact model is no longer available, but you can see other similar Everflo stroller models here.)

The Evenflo Stroller's Modern DesignThe Evenflo Stroller's Modern Design

Best Stroller #2: Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Stroller

If you want something more cute and sporty, check out the Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain Strolle r. Built for the open road, you can take your child on nature trails or well-paved shopping strips – wherever the spirit leads. With 3 wheels, it is more rugged than your typical stroller and you can even plug your iPod into a special tray to give yourself and baby some great tunes as you cruise along! (Update: This stroller is no longer available. But this Jeep stroller gets rave reviews and is a recommended alternative.

Jeep Moves Beyond CarsJeep Moves Beyond Cars


Best Stroller #3:  BOB Revolution Stroller

If your baby is a creature of comfort, try a BOB Revolution stroller, known for its adjustable tracking and extra padding, keeping your most precious cargo safe and cozy during long walks. With a swiveling front wheel, BOB also has incomparable maneuverability, giving you a safe and convenient way to get baby around town.

Trust Your Baby With BOBTrust Your Baby With BOB

Best Stroller #4: Graco Passage Travel System

A friendly family brand for decades, Graco has recently released the Passage Travel System – ideal for a parent who wants a multifunctional stroller experience. The stroller and car seat come together in one unit, and also include matching canopies to shield baby from sun, rain and other harsh elements. Both include a 5 point harness for the ultimate in safety and design. The grab and go convenience of lifting a car seat straight out of the stroller mount will save any active parent time and hassle, and baby will never be roused from slumber while transporting during an afternoon nap. (Update: This item is no longer available, but this Multi-Function System looks like a great product.)

Sleek and Convenient 2 in 1 DesignSleek and Convenient 2 in 1 Design

Best Stroller #5: Kolcraft Contours Options 3 Wheeler

A final winner is the Kolcraft Contours Options 3 Wheeler Stroller. It not only comes in a vibrantly inviting hue of red, but the seat reverses to face in two directions. It also includes a removable infant head rest, so it grows right along with your child. Light as a feather and one of the most travel-friendly designs currently on the market, you will love the way Kolcraft fits into daily life with your little one.

Ruby Red Rugged TravelRuby Red Rugged Travel

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Jul 10, 2008
by Tammy
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Tips for Twins!

Thanks for the suggestion! Stay tuned for an article on twins' products soon!

Tamara Warta

Innovative Baby and Child Products

Sep 19, 2008
by Anonymous

Do you have children?

Do you have children? Have you ever buy any stroller? Have you ever travel with stroller?

All of those strollers that mentioned in the articles, none of them are good. It is either too heavy or too big or too light. The best one is Peg Perego,, made in Italy. You should check on it.

The price is in the middle range but the function and the quality is far better than any of those mentioned. Don't you ever fall for Maclaren, it is not good at all.

The thing you should consider are:
1. Weight. Can not be too heavy or too light. Can you imagine to bring a heavy stroller while you are travelling? It can break your back.

2. Size. Not too small and not too big so it is easy to store. Easy to store at home and at your car trunk. There are two size you need to think about. Size after deployed and size in folded position. The Evenflo Stroller will be the the smallest one, just like Maclaren stroller because they have the same design. The others are just too big, either in folded or after deployed position.

3. Durability. Need to get a though one so it will last long.

4. After sales service. Get to know the location or contact for after sales service center so when one of the part is missing or broken, it can be easily replace. Most of the time, the wheel will be the first one to break and most popularly caused by escalator.

5. Structure Design. Some strollers are easily fall back, specially, when you hang the baby back on the stroller handle. This is easily happen with The Evenflo stroller and Maclaren stroller. So, get the sturdy one. Sturdy in sitting position and sturdy in sleeping position. This is important if you don't want your stroller fall to the back.

6. Age limitation. Not all stroller designed for all age. Some design for newborn and some design for 6 months old baby. Stroller designed for newborn, the back rest can be tilted into a full flat sleeping position or there is a special carriage just like Graco stroller.

If you buy Peg Perego, you will get the best of all things above in it. Good luck in finding the best stroller.