Top Four Cases to Jazz Up Your iPhone and Show Off Your Personality

Despite the competition, Apple has managed to maintain a strong market share in the mobile phone industry. They've sold over 108 million units since the first iPhone was released in 2007, and they're still going strong. In fact, they just launched the much-awaited iPhone 5 last September, and sales aren't doing too shabby.

Naturally, that means there are millions of people all over the world who have the exact same phone as you do. Your wife, your friends, your colleagues, your neighbors--if they're fans of Apple, then they probably have an iPhone, too. But while the actual phone might be the same, they don't have to look the same, given the wide selection of iPhone cases available on sites like Aside from protecting your phone, the cases allow you to jazz up your mobile accordingly to fit your personality!

We scoured what's hot on the iPhone cases market lately and listed down our top four picks below:

1. Gangnam Style iPhone 4 Case

PSY's Gangnam Style has everyone singing (or rather, dancing) to the beat of his oppa-tastic tunes and it looks like he's on a roll. People have been coming up with parodies of his viral hit, along with Gangnam-themed stuff like shirts, flash drives, and even iPhone cases. If you're still crazy about his Gangnam Style, then maybe you'd like to sport this image of PSY dancing up a storm on your phone!

The case retails for $19.99 and it's available here

2. Zombie in Graveyard iPhone 4 Case

Zombies aren't just for Halloween anymore. Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead brought zombies into the mainstream, and people are going crazy over anything and everything with the image of kooky-looking undead on them. iPhone cases are no exception. These cases feature a lone zombie who's out looking for the one thing it wants the most: braaaains.

The case retails for $19.99 and it's available here

3. White Calculator iPhone 4 Case

If you love numbers or crunch them for a living, then I bet you'll find this particular case amusing and appropriate for your phone. It looks like a regular white case in front, but turn it over and instantly transform your iPhone into a calculator. Note that while it looks like a calculator, it doesn't actually function as a calculator on the reverse. But no worries, because there's an app for that. Just flip your phone over and fire up your Calculator app, then you'll be good to go.

The case retails for less than $5 with shipping nd it's available here

4. Customize Your Own iPhone 4 Case!

This one is my absolute favorite for obvious reasons. That's because you're the boss with this particular case. Just use your favorite photo of absolutely anything you have a strong passion for--and you're good to go. A photo of yourself? Maybe a family portrait? You can even go with your favorite work of art or a pattern or your favorite sports team. With this type of case, you choose what you want to print on it and they'll get right to work on it for you. More info on that here. 

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