Top MLB Stars Show Their Softer Sides For Dove's Men+Care

I didn't really think I could ever lose respect for Andy Pettite and Joe Girardi. That great battery led the Yankees to the first World Championship I got to witness back in 1996. I know that the Yankees spend ridiculous amounts of money on their team and have therefore captured more championships than any three teams combined, but the years between 1987 and 1995, when I first started watching, were pretty lean. So the 1996 championship will always be a top Yankees memory for me.

Now, not a year after the two reunited for another championship, this time with Girardi in the manager's seat, I've started to lose a little respect for the two. Actually, I still respect them as much as ever, but I'm going to have to try to forget about this Men+Care campaign.

Pettite, Girardi and St. Louis' Albert Pujols--arguably the biggest star in baseball--have come together to advertise moisturizing soap.  I got the impression that Dove wasn't really interested in the men's market at all, realizing that moisturizing soap is really something for the ladies. But apparently they realized they're missing half the market and released some soap and products just for guys.  And not just the effeminate ones, but the all-American ones that love them some baseball. 

The three baseball greats each detail their own "Journey to Comfort" (really?!) in a series of 90-second spots. The campaign is a continuation of Dove's "Manthem", an entertaining look at one man's journey through the awkwardness from conception to fatherhood. Once the man is comfortable in his own skin, it's time to make his skin more comfortable--with Dove Men + Care, of course. That's the type of journey that each player discusses in his moment on camera. 

You can see the first in the series--Albert Pujols--over at While there, you can enter "The Ultimate Baseball Experience" sweepstakes to win the chance to meet Pujols and watch him during batting practice--if you still can look him in the eyes after watching him sap it up on the couch. 

Pettite's commercial will launch June 9 and Girardi's will launch on June 15. 

Here's a look at the original Manthem for those that missed it during the Super Bowl:

Press Release 

Jul 9, 2010
by Anonymous


You could never lose suspect for Pettitte? What about using HGH or other banned substances? Do you respect cheaters? Dove obviously does. I don't respect Dove and won't be buying their product.