12 Revolutionary Innovations Win 2009 Wall Street Journal Technology Awards

7. The WSJ 2009 ENVIRONMENT Technology Innovation Winner: Serious Materials, U.S. For EcoRock Drywall



EcoRock is a drywall substitute made of recycled materials that reduces energy consumption by 80 percent just by manufacturing it.  And, as if that were not enough, it uses 80 percent less carbon dioxide than the most common drywall made of gypsum.  EcoRock is termite and mold resistent too!


8. The WSJ 2009 MATERIALS Technology Innovation Winner: QD Vision, U.S. For The Quantum Light™ Platform




The latest challenge to LCD technology, the deeper, richer, purer color for LED lights, is now the Quantum Light platform.  Made up of quantum dots, crystals only 3 to 12-nanometers wide, depending on the color they need to produce, Quantum Light colors can even produce patterns, making them perfect for many kinds of electronic displays, including computer and TV screens.

Quantum Light is also environmentally friendly, using much less power than other LED technologies.  The color produced is even been said to be brighter and more pure than OLED, used mostly in the screens of mobile phones.


9. The WSJ 2009 SECURITY - PRIVACY Technology Innovation Winner:  Ksplice, U.S. For Kspice Uptrack™



Another marvel in this amazing list of winners is the Ksplice Uptrack, software that completely does away with reboots after updating -- if you are using Linux. Think of all the interruptions caused by program updates that can't be fully installed until you've rebooted your computer.  Ksplice lets you install them in seconds, keeping your computer up to date at all times and enhancing computer security as well.   I don't know how much longer Microsoft and Mac users will have to wait for Ksplice, but there are many of us, and we can't wait much longer...