Top Ten 2010 Winter Olympic Gear & Collectibles

Having caught the Olympic fever, everyone is looking to acquire some of the events' hot ticket items (much to the amazement of Christopher Walken). Anything that is officially sponsored by the 2010 Winter Olympics is taking in millions as the official stores and outlets are trying to keep up with the supply. Keepsakes, fashion and winter sports gear make up this year's TOP TEN list of gift items you might want to select for yourself, friends, family members and sport fans.

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1- Red Mittens

Who would have thought that the hottest item in the recently launched 2010 Canadian Olympic team apparel collection would be red mittens designed to match those of the Vancouver 2010 torchbearers? At $10 per pair, the cozy knitted mittens with a white Canadian flag on the palm and  the Vancouver 2010 logo on the back have been a huge hit. The mittens are available here and at Amazon, The Bay, Zellers, and Home Outfitter stores as well as Olympic stores in both the Vancouver International Airport and Whistler. Proceeds from sales of the mittens go to the Own the Podium 2010 program to support Canadian Olympic athletes, which is set to hit its $44 million target due to the mittens’ huge success. They're so popular, even Prince Charles bought a pair.

2 - Wii Winter Olympic Game

One fun and collectible product offered by the Winter Olympics 2010 store is the Wii game featuring Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics. For just under $50 dollars, you can play a game that will celebrate some of the classic events. You can compete in individual competitions and challenge your friends or family in virtual games that simulate the real deal. The legendary rivalry between Mario and Sonic becomes part and parcel of the excitement and fun of this game. Get ready to test your Olympic Spirit as your favorite Mario and Sonic characters in this sports party game. (Buy here)

3 - Cowbell App

The Winter Olympics Cowbells ranging from $8 to $40 are a nifty little collectors item that are touted as the original Winter Olympic "noisemaker." But if you don't want to be lugging around the actual physical item, considering downloading the 'official cowbell app.' The application is called Cowbell2010 and it enables fans to “cheer on the athletes by ringing a virtual cowbell instead of the real one so that athletes know they’re being supported. Downloads are available here for.$99.

4 - AT&T Team USA Soundtrack

As you watch this year's Winter Olympics from Vancouver, you might wish there was a way you can help support the USA Olympic Team. AT&T has once again put together a music collection to help support the athletes. The 2010 Team USA Soundtrack is available for download via iTunes It features a wide range of songs and ringtones by top artists. All proceeds from sales through March 1, 2010 will support Team USA.
The full list of songs on the album include:
    * 3 Doors Down -- "Shine"
    * The All-American Rejects -- "Move Along (remix by Chad Hugo of the Neptunes)"
    * David Banner -- "In the Zone (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)"
    * Gloriana -- "The World Is Ours Tonight"
    * Green River Ordinance -- "Rise Up"
    * Honor Society -- "Can't Box Me In"
    * Hoobastank -- "Never Be Here Again"
    * Mariah Carey -- "100%"
    * Puddle Of Mudd -- "Shook Up the World"
    * Rascal Flatts -- "Unstoppable (Olympics Mix)"
    * Sugarland -- "Wide Open"
    * Train -- "The Finish Line"

5 - Omega Watch

With a 74-year history with the Olympics and for the 24th time, the Swiss Watch specialists served as Official Timekeepers at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Definitely the most luxurious and expensive gift on this TOP TEN list, the official Olympics Omega watch can be yours for the low,low price of $3,800. Even overlooking the Olympian aspect of the watch, it is one of the finest looking and performing timepiece you'll ever own. With a unique snow-white face and Canadian flag maple leaf red bezel, it's not only a collector's item - it's destined become an heirloom for future generations.

6 - Official Double Poster

Own a piece of history - the official thematic 2-poster set of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games! Always a valuable and highly sought-after collector's item, the design for the XXI Winter Olympiad is a unique first - a two-poster set featuring the Paralympic Games logo on one half, the Olympic Games logo on the other half, and artwork that fits together in the middle that forms a brilliant take on Canada's national symbol, the Maple Leaf.  An absolute must for patriotic British Columbians and Canadians, winter sport athletes, Olympic art enthusiasts, and serious American collectors! The double poster set is priced at $29.95 USD and each poster measures 18" x 27".

7- Opening Ceremony US Cap

If you search for "US Winter Olympic Hats" you will come up with dozens of variations. But the official "Opening Ceremony Hat' by Polo Ralph Lauren is one of a kind and can be found at the TeamUSA Shop here. Priced at $75, the warm 100% wool knit wool hat celebrates the spirit of the Olympic Games in retro-fashion, featuring a 1950s reindeer design that includes an American flag. 

8 - Olympic Logo Pin

Capture the spirit of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver with this Historical Winter Games Logo collectible pin featuring the official logo for the winter games surrounded by flags from countries around the world! Priced to ship at Amazon at $9.95, you can shop for other Winter Olympic pins here as well.

9 - The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics- 2010 Edition

From speed skating to snowboarding, bobsleigh to ice hockey, this encyclopedia of a book gives the medals tables, timings, distances, and scores of every event, and provides vital information on rules and scoring systems. But much more than a statistical compendium, the book also offers a wealth of Winter Olympic history, anecdote, and lore, bringing alive the most dramatic moments from the Games and celebrating the many extraordinary individuals who have competed.  With the top eight placings for every event at every Winter Olympics, plus descriptions of rules and scoring for all 2010 events, and hundreds of anecdotes, from the astonishing to the bizarre, this is an indispensable guide for all fans, priced as low as $16.50.

10 - Shaun White's Operator Snowboard

If Shaun White has inspired you to take up the sport or whether you are already aShaun WhiteShaun White veteran snowboarder, you might want to purchase Shuan White's recommended board. According to Sierra Snowboard, Shaun White's weapon of mass destruction, the Operator is a directional freestyle board with a halfpipe influence. Whether you are catching big air, sliding boxes in the park, or just cruising the groomers, you will find that this board rides well in an assortment of conditions. Don't let Mr. White's prowess on the slopes intimidate you, this board is still friendly enough for confident intermediate riders. Priced on their Web site at a 20% discount, the 2010 edition comes in at $383.96.

So there you have my TOP TEN picks of gear and collectibles for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Take our POLL and let us know which items you will be purchasing to savor the memories of this year's historic events in Vancouver.(note: You can vote for more than one item if you like).  And if you're into social media, check out some more cool items in my previous blog titled, "Vancouver 'Social Media' Olympics To Outpace Beijing."
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