Top Ten Baby Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes for babies are their first initiation into the one holiday of the year that requires them to be someone else.  Yes, even though your baby don't even 'what' they are, let alone 'who' they are, this doesn't stop parents from wanting to confuse them even more, by dressing them up in a clever disguise.

So to that end, here are my picks for the TOP TEN Halloween costumes for babies of all ages. Don't forget to take our POLL and vote for your favorite at the end of this blog!

1- Monkey Suit

Trick or Treat!!! Tom Arma designs a fabulous collection of baby Halloween costumes for your little monkies.  You can buy them online at the Halloween Express website (which uses for all their products) and expect to pay between $50.00-$60.00 depending on the type of costume. My personal favorite is the monkey suit, even though this little monkey doesn't look at all that happy! (You can also get a cheaper monkey suit on Amazon.)

2- Baby Peapod

By sending Coolest Homemade Costumes one of your homemade costume photos, you can win a $500 Online Shopping Spree, and your costume will be shared with others who visit their Web site. This ingenious costume is for the parents that will be shucking their little one door-to-door!

3- Baby Football

Great for football fans! Perfect for your newborn football star!  Easy diaper access. Just don't go deep on a pass with this one! We're talking about precious cargo here!   Available at for $24.94

4- Rosemary's Baby

Most appropriate for Halloween! Who doesn't remember the Roman Polanski's 1968 thriller classic, Rosemary's Baby. And whose baby hasn't been called a little devil at some point in time. This costume can be purchased for your 12-18 month old for around $12 on Amazon.

5- Little Peanut

This is the chance for your little peanut to actually become a little peanut.

6- Baby Parents

Most likely Baby will need his or her parents to tote them around, particularly if those crazy elders haven't taught their little one to walk yet. So here's an opportunity for Mom & Dad to get into the act, even if it embarrasses the hell of Baby! and has other fun adult costumes for sale if dressing up like a baby doesn't appeal to you.

7- The Wonder Bread Baby

The Wonder Bread Baby costumes can be found at a number of costume sites online and come in all sizes from 3 months to toddler.

8- Froggie

After dressing up like a frog, all this little one needs is the lillypad. Couldn't find a store reference for this one... just a photo image site. But this will give you creative Moms out there, something to consider when designing your own. Amazon also has a great selection of baby frog costumes.

9- Baby Hershey

This Baby Hershey's Kiss Costume is a sweet little number that includes headpiece, padded Hershey's Kiss costume body and is available in infant sizes. Those for toddlers best fit children who ordinarily wear size 2-3.

10- Baby Ronald McDonald

This baby in clown makeup, even as a photo-shopped project is a spooky take on the McDonalds mascot that has been around for the last 55 years.  All you need is a little red dye and some lipstick and your Baby Ronald is super-sized and ready to go...sans pickle and lettuce of course!

So there you have Walt Disney use to's a small,small world we live in... so make sure your baby is dressed to impress for his or her first year out on the Trick and Treat Circuit!

This article is an update from the original article published October 3, 2009.

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