Top Ten Companies Harnessing "The Wisdom Of The Clouds"

5- Amazon

Amazon was one of the first to sell cloud computing as a service. Smaller than competitors, but its expertise in this area could give the retailer a leg up in the next-generation of Web services from retail to media.

Amazon Web Services, a half-dozen services including the Elastic Compute Cloud, for computing capacity, and the Simple Storage Service, for on-demand storage capacity.

Amazon is one of the true innovators in Web-based computing, offering pay-as-you-go access to virtual servers and data storage space. In addition to these core offerings, Amazon offers the SimpleDB (a database Web service); the CloudFront (a Web service for content delivery); and the Simple Queue Service (a hosted service for storing messages as they travel between computers). By launching the Elastic Compute Cloud in 2006, well before most of its competitors, Amazon has become almost synonymous with "cloud computing."



6- Enomaly 

Elastic Computing Platform (ECP) is software that integrates enterprise data centers with commercial cloud computing offerings, letting IT pros manage and govern both internal and external resources from a single console, while making it easy to move virtual machines from one data center to another.

Unlike the other nine other companies on this list, Enomaly doesn't offer services of its own over the Web. But its software could prove crucial as enterprises grapple with the problem of managing a wide array of computing resources that live both inside and outside the firewall. Intel has recognized Enomaly's promise,helping to finance the company's product development, which focuses heavily on managing the various hypervisors used both within enterprises and by cloud providers.

7- GoGrid

The GoGrid platform offers Web-based storage and the ability to quickly deploy Windows- and Linux-based virtual servers onto the cloud, with preinstalled software including Apache, PHP, Microsoft SQL and MySQL.

GoGrid, one of Amazon's chief competitors in the cloud storage and compute markets, distinguishes itself from Amazon in a couple ways. GoGrid offers Windows Server 2008 instances (Amazon offers only Windows Server 2003) and 100% up-time service-level agreements (Amazon offers 99.95% for compute and 99.9% for storage).

Dec 18, 2009
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I mean bigger names NOT

I mean bigger names NOT name. Sorry for the typo.