Top Ten Mad Men Parodies

If impersonation is the sincerest form of flattery, parodies have to be its kissing cousin. When it comes to Mad Men, one of the most intelligent and entertaining dramas on the tube today, everyone seems to want a piece of Dan Draper and Peggy Olsen...and making fun of them is...well... the icing on the cake!

 In scouring the Web, for the best of the best, these TOP TEN Parodies are just a little edgier... or should I say "madder" than the rest! Sit back and enjoy, and don't forget to vote in our "What's the Maddest Mad Men Parody Ever?" POLL at the end of this blog.

1- MA Men, Boston-Style

This one is definitely one of my favorites. Just released on October 17, it stars Joey McIntyre, from New Kids on the Block and Dancing With The Stars fame, cussing up a storm and demonstrating a real knack for comedy acting. True to McIntyre's origins, the parody transports the Madison Avenue Mad Men of the 50s to current day Boston, where this club of [BLEEPIN] cocky B-ahstonians pitch an ad concept for the Red S-aahx! Tributes to Teddy Williams are hysterical, but word to the wise, this is definitely an XXX-rated clip from the "funny or DIE" crew. Forewarned is forearmed! This Bud's for you...Teddy Williams!!!  

MA Men from Joey McIntyre

2- SNL Mad Men

This clip taken from a recent show includes some of the actual Mad Men cast members. Performing as their TV show characters, Jon Hamm, John Slattery and Elisabeth Moss satirize themselves, as Draper and his team are tasked by a client to promote a "Hula Hoop with a strap on it." In true SNL style, the "A-Hole: Pitch Meeting" is classic sketch comedy done in a way that only SNL can pull off.

SNL Mad MenSNL Mad Men

3- Man Men in 60 Seconds

LandLineTV produced "Man Men in 60 Seconds" this past September where they took the celebrated series and parodied all of the recurring themes in a one minute package. Featuring Rob Lathan, Nate Smith, Nicole Shabtai, Rachel Bloom, Jen Bartels, Brian Faas, Ben Remeaka and Jason Kalter, some of these actors have a similar resemblance to the actors who play the actual parts on the show.

4- Mad Libs Men

With almost one-half million views, the Mad Libs Men production was written, directed and produced by College Humor Originals. As a popular satirical video production company, the sites boasts "acclaimed pop-culture-skewering shorts," that are guaranteed to "make you laugh until milk comes out of your nose, whether or not you have been drinking milk." Here you'll find Don Draper starting to lose his creative edge, while losing his finger in an X-rated anatomical body part.

5- Sesame Street Mad Men

Sesame Street  has produced their own sanitized PG version of Mad Men that you can watch with your toddlers if you like. Sesame Street has its own YouTube Web site where you can check out more videos that include your family's favorite characters including The Count, Big Bird, Kermit and others, Sesame Street celebrates celebrates its 40th year anniversary this year.

6- Mad Women

I guess turn-about is fair-play. It was only a matter of time before Mad Women took over Madison Avenue, and in this parody, the producers show how role-reversal can be funny and sexy at the same time. The "vibrating jockstrap" product  noted in this piece parodies an episode where Peggy's Olsen's decided to rename Belle Jolie's female product, the "Rejuvenator." Produced by Casual Mafia, and launched in April 2009, co-creators Paulie Fiore and Josh Macuga debuted this short form comedy sketch to entertain the Mad Masses online.

7- Simpson's Mad Men

Not quite sure who is behind this production. Featured on YouTube, under the name, "jacdude81," its a great parody of the opening sequence... replacing the Mad Men visuals with Homer Simpson and the gang, and accompanied by the Mad Men theme music.

8- Meshugene Men

Dan Draperberger is Dan's Jewish alter ego in this parody that envisions Mad Men as a Hebrew clan of ad men. Produced by the "The Shuhshan Channel" it features a lot of the same actors that starred in the College Humor's Mad Libs (see #3). From promoting "Mayonnaise" ("the schmaltz of our lives") for the Gentiles to puffing away on a Kosher candle like it was a cigarette, this video is complete with "apologies to Matthew Weiner," and a Jewish twist to the opening theme music. You gotta love those "Meshugene Men!"

9- Mad Toys

Mad Toys could have been renamed "Toy Story Gone Wild." Starring vintage toys the likes of Ken, Barbie and GI Joe, this vignette was produced by which only has a YouTube Web site presence online - no Web site.

10- Digital Mad Men

With voice dubbing, the actual characters from the show Mad Men talk about how to use today's digital tools to market soup. Produced by BrandDigital, to promote its book of the same, the video brings the Mad Men up to modern time, as Draper asks to be  wowed by his Ad Men digerati.

So if you made it this far, I am sure by now you won't be able to get that theme song out of your head. But before you leave, please do take our "What's the Maddest Mad Men Parody Ever" POLL. And if we've failed to include one of your favorite parodies, please leave us a comment with a link to its video.

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