Top Ten Massive Multiplayer Online Games on Facebook

So why are they called "Massive Multiplayer Online" Games, or MMOs for short? Because the popularity of social media gaming has gone through roof and the numbers of players now engaged have skyrocketed into the millions. While many MMOs can be played on stand-alone systems like Play Station, Nintendo and Xbox game players, the latest trend is registering for the online versions of these games on the world's largest social network...Facebook!

So popular is this genre, there are virtually dozens of Web sites dedicated to updates about MMOs. One with the descriptive title, Massively will give you the skinny on all the unfolding daily news pertaining to MMos. The games and apps have become such a compulsive activity, this video shows why many of us have become Facebook game addicts.

Now let's take a look at the current TOP TEN games being played on Facebook today. Based on membership enrollment numbers, I have ranked them from highest to lowest according to their current number of members (as of the time of this posting) and noted those that are free games.

1- Farmville

(50,256,546 Monthly Active Members) – FarmVille was developed by Zynga, one of the top MMO game-makers in the world today.  Launched in June 2009, it became one of the most popular applications on Facebook, garnering 10 million users in a little less than a month after launch. As you can see that number has scaled to 50+ million in less than four months. In FarmVille, players grow crops, raise animals, construct buildings, and visit other players' habitats, while earning coins to "unlock" items that help them advance. Coins can also be purchased through PayPal, credit cards, and mobile phones.

2- Mafia Wars

(25,455,588) – Fuggettaboutit!!!!... this game is not for straight-lace nambie-pambies or overly sensitive puss'es. With Mafia Wars you enter the world of high stakes by becoming a Don of your very own family by kicking ass and taking numbers.The goal of the game is to become the most powerful wiseguy in NYC and abroad by figuring out  how to gain control over other other mobsters. You can even travel to Cuba and Moscow to extend your crime spree while building your reputation internationally. Striving for the Top Level, you need to eliminate a rival family's Don before you can reach the goal of  becoming one of the nation's most powerful crime families!

For about the cost of a cup of coffee, you can purchase the 'Mafia Wars Guides' and gain additional expertise to improve your prowess in this game.

3- Farm Town

(18,834,988) - Facebook's Farm Town is all about virtual farming, where you can grow your own crops, raise farm animals, plow your fields and acquire additional land. The game is very interactive. When the seeds mature and need to be harvested, farmers have the option of doing it themselves or hiring another member of the community to assume the responsibility. Like Farmville, coins become the rewards for those that bring crops to market. The developers of this game created interesting graphics. A few things are out of scale, but for the most part, a lot of thought was put into the layout. The plowed plots are easy to distinguish from the harvested, and each stage of colorful growth is a visual treat.

4- Pet Society

(18,374,195) - In the world of Pet Society you and your pet can have a great time! You can play games, decorate your house and even bring gifts for your friends when you visit them. Developed by Playfish, the game has a thriving in-game economy and presents users with new purchasable store items each week. There are 45 bronze, silver and gold trophies that can be won by achieving various milestones -  which can then be displayed in the house of the winning pet, and cannot be recycled, gifted or sold. Coins and Paw Points are rewarded by winning the Daily Lottery, visiting friends, achieving awards and competing in hurdle races.

5- Texas HoldEm Poker

 (17,670,843) - It's been reported that Texas Hold'em was Zynga's first game and the one that turned the once fledgling social gaming company, founded by Mark Pincus, into an online gaming powerhouse that earns more than $100 million a year. To start off, you can earn poker chips by taking up special offers or adding other applications to your profile.  If you lose all of your Facebook poker chips you will have to either take up additional offers and promotions to replenish your stocks or you can actually buy more chips from Internet traders. This has sparked a new industry with people winning and selling poker chips to other players.When playing Facebook Texas Holdem you will want to know the basic rules of the game. Without that knowledge you could lose your lose your pants..very easily!

6- YoVille

(17,599,013) - This application, created by Zynga, is a more simplistic version of the popular "Sims" PC game. So if you desire to become a cartoon version of yourself in a low-tech virtual environment, this may be the game for you.

YoVille comes complete with houses, apartments, stores, parties and places to play games and of course win YoCoins and YoCash to help you achieve higher levels and improve your YoGame. This video will give you a quick snapshot of the lay of the land...or should I say YoLand!

7- MindJolt Games

(16,386,997) – When you sign up for Mindjolt games on Facebook you have over a thousand games to chose from. Unlike other Facebook games on this TOP TEN list, Mindjolt is not just one game, but an over-flowing and ever growing toy chest.

With such a diverse selection of games to choose from, designed by a number of the top game developers in the world, it's difficult to know where to start. However the Popular Game listing is usually where most new members get their feet wet. There's also an extensive breakdown of stats showing what games your friends have selected to play recently. Here's a few that might pique your interest...

8- Restaurant City

 (15,347,048) –  In Restaurant City you get to create and manage your very own restaurant! Design it, decorate it, hire your friends to run it, and collect new ingredients and menu items. Will you be the next Restaurant Mogul? Or perhaps the best architect in your city? One important tip... be careful to lock up your restaurant establishment when you leave the game. If you are going to be away for a lengthy period of time (such as going to work or going to bed), then close up your restaurant by blocking the door with a chair. Otherwise your eatery  will continue to operate affecting your reputation and diminishing your popularity points.

9- Bejeweled Blitz

(7,535,752) - If you are new to gaming altogether, Bejeweled Blitz is a great way to ease into it. If this game wets your whistle, then you may want to try some of the others on this TOP TEN list. When this game was first introduced, the original premise was fairly simple... from a group of color coded gems on a board you select whether to move it up, down, left or right. If this creates a row of three or more of the same gem, you will have completed a move and the row disappears. Now, a newer version of the classic gem-swapping puzzler was created just for Facebook. This one includes new multiplier gems and speed bonuses. Compete against friends for bragging rights and collaborate with friends for the chance to win prizes. A list of your friends' stats who play BB regularly will show up with their weekly high scores. Bejeweled Blitz' medals can be achieved by scoring multiples of 25000 and there is a different medal for each interval.

10- Friends For Sale

(6,212,477) - Friends For Sale give a whole new meaning to buying one's friendship. Because in this case you are literally buying your friends to make them your pets. All of your friends can be found in the marketplace. Friends who have registered for this game and have been bought and sold cost a great deal, and friends who are less popular or don’t use Facebook applications often will com fairly cheap. You can invest in either or both. You earn money when other people buy your pets, whenever someone buys you, and every time you pay one of your friends a visit (a very good idea). After you’ve bought your friends, you can give them nicknames, gifts, or sell them on the open market. The profit on a sale is split 50/50 between the pet and the owner and there are also plenty of partner offers to get you more cash. All in all, a lot of fun, even if it does place a monetary value on friendship.

OK, so you've had an opportunity to review the TOP TEN. If you're a gamer, I am sure you already have a favorite. if you are a newbie, I hope this TOP TEN list has given you some reasons to jump in and take a few of these games for a test ride. 

Please take a minute to take our POLL and let us know which one of our TOP TEN have the most appeal for you. And as always, please let us know if I left out one of your favorites.

Here's to gaming the system!