Top Ten Mommy Blogs

Some would dismiss Mommy Bloggers as light-weight fluff! However, for any one who diggs a little deeper into this blogging niche, you will find some real marketing-savvy heavy-weights. Now said to number over 200,000, Mommy bloggers are represented by groups and web sites and want to dispel any negative connotation associated with what they do, and how they do it. This Top Ten List will give you some insight as to the best of the best.

As a growing force in the blogosphere mommy-bloggers are a group to be reckoned with, as more than a few companies would attest to when they conduct a product launch that for whatever reason raises the ire from mommy-blogging community. From chronicling baby's first steps, to talking post-partum depression, many moms have hit the web to share their experiences and humorous insights creating a new resource for mothers seeking advice.

Here Parents TV's Anne Ebeling reviews the "Mommy Blogging" phenomenon...

1) MommaSaid
Started in 2003, at the forefront of the Mommy blog genre, Jen Singer launched her mommy blog  from a corner in her New Jersey basement. She refers to the endeavor as a place for moms on the brink of desperation to laugh and linger. Over time she added videos to her blog site which she calls "momma-logues" and later she featured columnists. Due to her success, recently a publisher approached her with a 3-book series which will hit the bookshelves in April 2010. All three books feature real-world, mom-tested tips and advice from MommaSaid's fans.

2) MOMocrats
In September, 2007, three moms met in a coffee shop in Palo Alto, California and developed a plan to impact the 2008 presidential election. Stefania Pomponi Butler, Beth Blecherman, and Glennia Campbell were all mombloggers with a serious interest in politics. Collectively they wanted to establish a place online where progressive, Democratic women could learn from one another and express their views. And so was born. Today, the MOMocrats have grown to 22 writers across the nation, and in 2008 were invited to be credentialed bloggers at the Democratic National Convention.

3) Please Stop the Rollercoaster
Sue Blaney empowers, educates and connects parents of teenagers. She is the author of Please Stop the Rollercoaster! How Parents of Teenagers Can Smooth Out the Ride, a guide for parents and a parent discussion group program. Thousands of parents around the country have improved communication with their teenagers by participating in her “Rollercoaster!” discussion group programs. Her blog and features valuable content including free parenting articles, podcasts and newsletters. She is a frequent speaker and is a national media expert on parenting teenagers.

4) ManicMommies
Can you relate to the expression “You can never have too many shoes or too many babysitters?” Then you will love this blog written by two modern working types called Erin and Kristin. This blog is set apart by its savvy technological reviews and canny knowledge of current events (the recent Sex and the City movie, not the war in Iraq). If you want to read a mommy blog that’s less about baby spit-up and more about Mac’s Bento program or an all-mother cruise to the Bahamas, this is the blog for you. Manic Mommies is great proof that just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be hip and in-the-know.

5) Suburban Turmoil
Lindsay Ferrier is not afraid to speak her mind. On her acclaimed personal blog, Suburban Turmoil, she's taken on cranky soccer dads to uber-enthusiastic pageant moms alike with dead-on, scathing, superbly written posts. A former television reporter and producer, she met her husband, Dennis Ferrier, at the NBC affiliate in Nashville, Tennessee, where they both worked, and has crafted a career as a writer while focusing on her life as a mom and step mom.

6) RocksInMyDryer
The name says it all! How an Oklahoma mother of four finds time to watch the LOST season finale with her very own DHARMA boxed wine is beyond us, but we are certainly going to try to get in on her secret! From sweetly spun stories that reflect her Southern heritage to savvy resources like her fun websites for kids, and avant garde approach to kids’ allowances (online banking, oh my!) this blog is full of surprises and an all-around great read.

7) CrazyBlogginCanuck
This refreshing blog is written by a travel writer-turned-mother, and her adventurous approach to life is apparent in every word. From battling to conquer her fancy cable remote, to overcoming Boot Camp blahs, to the thrill of meeting the love of her life online, the author manages to be topical and inspiring at the same time-and isn’t that what we are all really looking for in a blog? The episodic nature of this blog feels almost like a novel, and you’ll be drawn into the chaotic story of the Canuck clan transported to Colorado.

8) Mombian
Created in 2005, Mombian is a lifestyle site for lesbian moms and other LGBT parents, offering a mix of parenting, politics, diversions, and resources for all our varied roles. It provides parenting tips, children’s activities, book reviews for parents and children, and political news and commentary, all from the perspective of a lesbian mom. It also includes a helping of lesbian culture and entertainment, in the belief that mothers don’t lose their other interests the moment they become parents.

9) Mom-101
She goes by the name Liz (anonymity is important to her) and her backstory says she is a writer hailing from the "justly maligned world of advertising." She admits to creating some of the commercials you love, and some that she will go to the grave denying she was responsible for.
Her partner-in-crime is her "clumsy but devoted" husband who is a lapsed Mormon, a lapsed but resurgent comedy writer, and the best stay-at-home dad one income can buy. For looking at the funnier side of parenting, Mom-101 should turn the proverbial nail on its head, as soon as Liz figures out "what she is doing!"

10) MommyPie
Mommy Pie is a blogger’s blog, to be sure. Functioning more as the online equivalent of a Starbuck’s Mommy Meetup than a one-dimensional confessional (although there is a sidebar for that if it’s your bag), Mommy Pie is all about getting moms mixing and mingling, from asking thought-provoking parenting questions to linking incisively relevant articles and conducting hilarious polls.

The whole mommy-blogger movement has been one of empowerment for a group of women who felt under appreciated or just ignored. Where at one time a single woman’s voice might never have been heard past her cul de sac, the blogosphere has given her a soap box that allows her to reach out to the four corners of the globe... giving a whole new meaning to calling your Mom, a "big mouth!"

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Jun 17, 2009
by Anonymous

Thanks Ron

Thanks for putting me on your great list.
Jen Singer

Jun 18, 2009
by Anonymous

much more then 200K

there are over 17 million women bloggers.