Top Ten Must-Have Toys For Christmas!

From Cabbage Patch Dolls to Tickle-Me Elmos, each holiday season introduces us to a series of new innovative toys for children of all ages. And this year is no different. From mind-powered games to adopting a Pet Lawyers, there's a lot of creative toys and gadgetry flying off the online and offline shelves. But with the clock slowly ticking away, some of the items on this TOP TEN list are quickly dwindling in inventory.If you must have them, you best act fast!

* All pricing on this TOP TEN LIST  is approximate and will vary dependent on store and demand

1- Star Wars Force Trainer

from Uncle Milton Industries and available at ThinkGeek ($120)* and Amazon.

Star Wars Force TrainerStar Wars Force Trainer

Children can train to be a Jedi Knight with the Star Wars Force Trainer, the first game powered by brainwaves through a wireless headset. The mind-powered game, which levitates a ball within a tube, is already a hit with children who want to "use the force."

The toy company Uncle Milton brings you closer than ever to the Force with its Star Wars Force Trainer. As part of its new series of Star Wars science products unveiled at the 2009 NY Toy Fair, the Force Trainer will help budding Jedis learn to master their thoughts and channel their own supernatural powers.

Keith Burke, a senior toy buyer for Zellers, says the Force Trainer is challenging and helps children learn to concentrate. "It's a toy that calms children down instead of winding them up," Burke said.

2- The 'new' Buzz Lightyear

from Disney Pixar Toy Story Interactive Buddies Talking Action Figure ($30)*

Previews have begun for Pixar's Toy Story 3, and kids are clamouring for heroes Buzz and Woody. The new Buzz Lightyear talking action figure is 30 centimetres tall -- actual movie size -- with pop-out wings and a retractable helmet. He features light and laser sound effects and says more than 30 phrases in his original voice. A must-have for any Toy Story fan!

3- Nerf N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS-35

from Hasbro and available at Amazon ($35)*

Kids and adults alike are buying this item in quantity. In an intense marketing campaign, the newest Nerf foam dart gun have been hyped on TV and print ads, and chances are your child knows a lot about its 35-dart rapid-fire "slam" capability.

Paul Quinlan, a senior toy buyer for Zellers, admits the Raider is on his own wish-list. "If I had a youngster, I'd be playing with it myself," Quinlan said.

4- FurReal Zambi

from Electronic Pets ($55)*

FurReal Zambi is no ordinary stuffed elephant. Packing the latest in animatronics, baby Zambi wiggles his ears, curls his trunk around fingers, and blows kisses -- all while making elephant noises. A portion of the sales from each Zambi is sent to children in Africa orphaned by AIDS. (Buy here.)

5- Wii Sports Resort

from Nintendo ($70)*

Most kids love video games. Most parents will love that Wii Sports Resort keeps their children active as they compete in "outdoor" activities such as archery, canoeing, and wake boarding. This sequel to the Wii Sports comes with the Wii MotionPlus accessory, which recognizes even the slightest turn of the Wii remote and enhances precision. (Buy here.)

 6- Flutterbye Fairy

from Spin Master ($40)*

Similar to Tinkerbell, Flutterbye Fairy is an enchanting toy. A UV LED light makes the fairy glow and sparkle as she flies around in her clear globe home, attached by unseen wires. She can speak to one's owner, dance to music and even sleep when the shades are turned down. A tap on her globe wakes her back up in the morning.

All indications is that this item is sold out online. Even Amazon does not have it in stock. (Update: The toy is now available here from Amazon.)

7- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Devastator

from Hasbro ($100)*

Devastator is the ultimate evil weapon in the Transformers battle of bad versus good. The massive action figure is made of six smaller construction vehicles known as The Constructicons. When combined, the resulting mega-robot boasts flashing lights and sounds from the 2009 movie.

Toys "R" Us toy expert Bob Friedland says the Devastator is, hands down, his favorite toy of the season. "It's a refreshed, totally revamped version of the classic Transformers toy." (Buy here.)


8- Rocky the Robot Truck

from Matchbox ($70)*

A truck and a robot, Rocky the Robot is two toys in one. He tells jokes, dances and talks with kids. His headlights light up and he has a full-tilting bed for hauling and dumping. When his hard work is done, he goes to sleep and even snores. (Buy here.)

9- Zhu Zhu Hamster

from Zhu Zhu Pets ($65)

Among the Top 10 items being sought and sold out for 2009 at Walmart Stores are the Zhu Zhu Pets'. Zhu Zhu Hamster, a robotic hamster that's available as five different characters: Patches, Chunk,PipSqueakNum Nums and Mr. Squiggles.

The little creatures are scurrying from store shelves as fast as retailers can stock them. The neat thing about Zhu Zhu Hamsters is they don't eat, they don't mess their cages and they don't die (and their batteries can be replaced)!

In addition to the five hamsters, there are multiple Zhu Zhu Pets accessories available for purchase, allowing kids to collect and connect them all to create their own customized hamster habitats, according to their Web site.

These accessories include the hamster funhouse, hamster wheel and tunnel, hamster-mobile and garage, spiral slide and ramp, adventure ball, surfboard and sleep dome, skateboard and U-turn, pet bed and blanket and pet carrier and blanket. (Buy here.)

10- MyPetLawyer

from ($34.99)*

Yes, Virginia, there's really a Pet Lawyer!

 “My Pet Lawyer” was called a “must-have toy” by the "American Bar Association Journal" – proving once and for all that lawyers really do have a sense of humor! ” Read the reviews, watch the introduction, check out his latest webisode and definitely catch him and his twin human law firm partner in the latest Flash TV commercial! 

Los Angeles entrepreneur Nancy Gershwin came up with the idea for this must-have toy for anyone who loves, hates or is an attorney after realizing that she couldn’t make a move without talking to one of her lawyers.

So there you have it. Act quickly before your favorite TOP TEN item is no longer available. Take our "Top Ten Must-Have Toys For Christmas" POLL and let us know if you have a favorite toy we missed on this year's list. Also let us know if you found a new store online or off that might be selling one of these items. Happy Holidays Shopping!

* All pricing on this TOP TEN LIST  is approximate and will vary dependent on store and demand

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Nov 24, 2009
by Anonymous Loves Ron Callari

Another fantastic list Ron, great ideas for shopping for my nephews. Zhu Zhus are all the rage, once again I am amazed by how such silly things become so popular.

Dec 10, 2009
by Anonymous

zhu zhu pets dumb dumds

zhu zhu pets dumb dumds