Top Ten Resources For The Aspiring League of Legends Player

It's a long way to Challenger. Though I'm certain pretty near everyone who plays ranked wants to see themself there, most people probably aren't ever going to get that far. I know I won't. I lack the dedication, I lack the drive. 

More than that, I'm pretty sure I lack the skill. 

Still, I'm going to keep climbing until I find my way to the league where I belong. I'm certain any of you that are reading this can relate. After all, it's human nature to want to get better at something. 

My recent League games have taught me something, to that end. Getting better at League of Legends, it's not as simple a matter as just playing the game. You have to actually work to understand it.  You've gotta do a little homework. To help you get started, I've compiled a short list with some the best resources available. 

Approximate Your MMR With

Your MMR - Match Making Rating - determines a great deal, even though it's invisible to you as player. It dictates, to some degree, who you're matched up against. It determines where you fall in pick order. Lastly, it helps the system work out which League you ultimately belong in. Knowing this invisible number could hence be quite valuable in motivating yourself (or in figuring out why you're not gaining any LP). 

Unfortunately, the best tool I can give you right now is  Enter in your summoner name, and it'll approximate your MMR based on the last ten games you played. 

Find Out What You're Up Against With Lolnexus

Lolnexus has  two primary uses. The first is to show you the rank of everyone in your current game - simply enter in the name of one of the people in-game, and it'll show you exactly who you're playing against, including their rank in all three seasons, their normal wins, their win ratio, the KDA with the champion they're currently playing, how their masteries are set up, and whether or not they're a premade.

In addition, a new StreamTracker feature displays a real-time list of players streaming League of Legends on 

Browse Detailed Summoner And Champion Stats on Lolking

If you're looking for a bit more depth than what Lolnexus can give you, you'll want to have a look at Lolking. It's probably one of the most comprehensive information sites I've yet come across online. Here, you can check out matchups, browse streams, look at the most and least popular champions, look up information on items, and read through a library of player-created guides. 


This one's pretty self-explanatory. There are some downright legendary players who maintain streams on Twitch(and similar websites). Find one that plays the champions you enjoy, and watch them religiously. Don't just do it passively, either - analyze how they play, and see if you can apply any of the things they do to your own game.  It's one thing to read a guide composed by a Diamond player; it's another altogether to watch that same player in action. 

Look Up Gameplay Videos On YouTube

This is the same basic premise as Twitch. There are a lot of fantastic tutorial videos on YouTube, including Ciderhelm's Don't Feed Series and CapturedHD's Daily League of Legends. Have a look around, and I guarantee you're going to find something valuable, perhaps even more-so than you would see on Twitch, since YouTube, given that it's not live video, allows for much more comprehensive content. 

Learn Your Champion With Mobafire

Another great source for champion guides - and one that I myself used quite heavily when I started playing - is Mobafire. In addition to having some of the most in-depth guides in the League of Legends community, it's also got a video and stream tracker and offers coverage on tournaments. 

Check Out Professional Team Blogs

Most professional League of Legends teams maintain some sort of web presence. Chances are fairly high that, in addition to featuring news and information about what the team is doing, there'll be at least a few posts about advanced play. Keep an eye on the top teams, and find one you like. From there, a simple Google search will take you where you need to go. 

Join LeagueCraft For Some Theorycrafting Goodness


Leaguecraft is one of the largest and most active LoL communities around, second only to the official League of Legends forums.  The place is positively teeming with players diving into deep analysis of the game, and it features an array of awesome tools and guides, as well. Head over there and introduce yourself.

Familiarize Yourself With Reddit

In your quest to become a better player, be sure you don't neglect Reddit. It's called the front-page of the Internet for a reason, and there's an extremely high chance you'll find at least a few valuable resources on either the official League of Legends Reddit or the site proper. You don't really even need to create an account for this, either - simply sign up, and you'll be good. 

Have A Look Around Leaguepedia or LolWiki For More Information

Last, but certainly not least, take a look at a few of the League of Legends wikis floating around the Internet for more information on the champions, items, players, and community. Even though the information can sometimes be suspect (anyone can edit it, after all), community-maintained wikis are often hands-down the best sources of information on the Internet. If you're not getting anything valuable elsewhere, it's worth at least having a look. 

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