Top Ten Social Media Cartoonists

6- Nitrozac & Snaggy

The team of Nitrozac and Snaggy are the creators of, self-described as the  "high-tech humor website and online community for geeks and geek wannabees." It's also the home of their hit webcomic The Joy of Tech, a comic about technology and pop culture. They like to feature tech news topics that focus on Apple products and its events. Here they poke some fun at how secretive Steve Jobs was in advance of rolling his out his latest toy, the iPad (see "The $1000 Apple Tablet Remains A Secret Until The Big Reveal " ).

7- Hill & Shah

Dharmesh Shah is an entrepreneur, angel investor and writer. As an entrepreneur, he launched Pyramid Digital Solutions, which he later sold to SunGard, and today he's the Founder and CEO of HubSpot, a venture-backed software startup that offers an inbound marketing system for small businesses. As an investor, he backed 11 companies, including Venture Hacks. And as a writer, he's co-authored Inbound Marketing and blogs regularly at His partner Hill is apparently publicity-shy as there is no bio to be found online. Here, Hill and Shah lampoon the infamous social bookmarking site Digg that is notorious for indiscriminately burying stories they don't like (also see my previous blog titled, "The Jigg Is Up, Digg - Time to JerryRigg!")

8- Oliver Widder

Geek and Poke is the brainchild of Oliver Widder, the witty 38-year-old IT cartoonist who lives in Hamburg, Germany and has turned his humorous gaze on any number of techie topics, from Twitter to Wikis to Facebook. In this toon, he focuses on the hype that surrounds cloud computing, a topic that often is perceived as a lot more than what it really is.

9- Mark Parisi

His bio reads, "After many odd jobs and a graphic design degree from Salem State College, Mark felt he had two marketable skills: cartooning and grocery bagging. He decided to choose cartooning, even though it didn't pay as well. With influences ranging from Charles Schulz, MAD Magazine and, more obviously, Gary Larson, he started self-syndicating his comic panels in 1987." Anyone who has a Facebook account can certainly relate to this "Off The Mark" toon.

10- Cathy Thorne

There are not many female cartoonists focusing on social media these days, so I was glad to include Cathy Thorne's outstanding work in my TOP TEN list.  Living in Toronto, Cathy's toons have been picked up by Australian and New Zealand newspapers as well those that are closer to home like the Toronto Star. Her work has also been featured on the, but we won't hold that "Situation" against her. In this "Everday People Cartoon" she describes how social networking can sometimes distance us versus bring us together.

So there you have - this year's "TOP TEN Social Media Cartoonists." Please vote for your favorite or let us know if we omitted one that you favor more.  Also if you like toons, take the time to visit each one of the cartoonists'  Web sites. Their portfolios are extraordinary.

And as a bonus, here is another kidd millennium toon. If you remember, last year the Dalai Lama's imposter had to be excommunicated from Twitter.

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Ron Callari
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Feb 2, 2010
by Anonymous

This is smashing company!

I'm delighted to be included in this list, Ron - and to discover a few great new web cartoons! Thanks!

Mar 6, 2010
by Anonymous

I've realized I never signed my comment... let me just say thanks again. :-)

-- Rob Cottingham

May 16, 2011
by Anonymous

never heard of these people

except cottingham.

What happened to hugh mcleod? @gapingvoid?