Top Ten Social Media Halloween Costumes

As much as social media occupies our everyday lives, I was surprised at how few social media costume actually were being packaged for sale. Perhaps retail manufacturers are in such an economic slump, they are focusing more on unloading existing inventory versus created new merchandise. However on the "home-made-create-your own" front, there are dozens of folks who have spent their time and creativity to craft some very unique social media costumes for this Halloween.

Out of those, here are my TOP TEN picks for this year's Best Social Media Halloween Costumes.

1- Balloon Boy

You have to admit this one is a timely one that just made it in under the wire. Any topic that trends on Twitter in multiple categories for over a week definitely needs to be classified as a social medium phenomenon. This costume I like to call "Falcon's Faux-Flight of Fancy." It's a cool way to get your hoax on this Halloween season with the little boy that caused Twitter and its trending topics to go into overdrive for 2 full days (October 15-16). Whether or not Falcon Heene truly scared his parents when his father's helium contraption took flight or whether it was a real-time Reality Show publicity stunt, it will sure make for a great conversational piece, when you float around the neighborhood in your own balloon.

And if the balloon outfit is a bit much, you might want to purchase one of these commemorative t-shirts, that someone was quick to put on sale at Zazzle, not more than 1 hour after Falcon was found in the attic.


2- Facebook

Seems like a lot of folks had the same idea, when it came to Facebook. Take a cardboard poster, add your Facebook profile and you not only have a quick and easy costume, you might pick up an extra Facebook friend or two when you're out trick and treating!












Dress up like I don't know if his 'personal' brand is widely known outside of social media circles, but Ted Murphy consistently dons this same attire every time he appears or speaks at social media gathering such as SXSW.

I like this one, because self-promotion is one of the key components of branding oneself on social networks. And Murphy does a good job living up to his hype, self-described as a "creative superfreak, serial entrepreneur, social media lover, Apple fan boy, global traveler,marathon runner and likes to stick tongue out in pictures." At, Murphy provides you with easy and quick instructions to design your own personalized shirt. personalized personalized t-shirts

4-  The Socially-Connected, Plugged-In Couple

Here are two costumes that both you and your significant-other can wear to show off your social-connectivity. There are several obvious sexual innuendos associated with these costumes that will not be lost on Halloween party-goers, including the charge one can gets from "plugging one's favorite socket."

5- Ashton Kutcher, King of All Social Media

While Ashton Kutcher has made his name as an actor and the "cougar-caught" husband of Demi Moore, he really is a frustrated social-media junkie. In the news often for competing with CNN for the most followers or starting up his own social media agency, Ashton sees himself as a budding social media mogul.  If you want to show up this Halloween as a Kutcher impostor, all you have to do is obtain a crown from Burger King, slap on a printed Kutcher photo and your in business.

6- Social Bookmarking

Digg, Technorati, StumbleUpon, etc are services that allow us to bookmark a lot of what we read and digest today. This sandwich board not only gives them a nod, it actually adds a Halloween treatment to each one of their logos.  And if you are a DIGGER and don't like the sandwich board idea, you might want to consider constructing a DIGG costume like the logo design depicted here.

7- "Show Us Your Tweets"

This provocative 'little' ensemble is only for those that have the nerve and the body to pull it off. The Twitterverse has grown by leaps and bounds this year, last tallying 55 million active users. This costume will definitely show the world that you are a bonafide member of the "Twitterati"... or should we say, "Titteratti."

8-  Pete Cashmore Pumpkin Head

Pete Cashmore of Mashable was photographed wearing this pumpkin head last year. It's one of the easiest Social Media Halloween costumes to assemble since it only requires a cut-out pumpkin head and a Pete Cashmore name badge - and voila, you are now the instant founder of one of the top Social Media Blogs in the world.

9- Miley "I Quit Twitter" Cyrus

For all you Miley Cyrus teens out there who sympathize with Hannah Montana's dilemma of "I'm getting too much attention, so I have to exit Twitter," you can easily sport some look-alike garb to show you are a fan and possibly an ex-Twitterer yourself!

10- Fail Whale

You can't fail with this costume of the Fail Whale. For anyone who has spent anytime on Twitter, you know how many times you might experience down-time with your buddy, the Fail Whale. This one would take a lot of material to construct, but if you start now, I'm sure you'll be able meet the Halloween October 31st deadline.

So, that's it for this year. If you have a favorite Social Media Halloween costume that I missed, by all means please post it to our COMMENT section below. Also take our POLL at let us know which Social Media Halloween costume you favor.

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