Top Ten Twitter Apps For Mobile Devices

In the past year, over three dozen Twitter apps for smartphones have hit the cellular airwaves. Here is a TOP TEN list of the best Twitter clients for iPhones, BlackBerrys and Windows Mobile devices. Whether you employ Twitter for work, play or a combination of both, there's a mobile Twitter app that's best for you. Which app may depend on your smartphone platform. Check out the following ten mobile Twitter apps for a look at your options.

1- ÜberTwitter

New to hit the market, The UK app ÜberTwitter is experiencing a surge in popularity, mainly due to its mapping and photo sharing devices. The app allows you to attach a location (, and your device's camera lets you quickly upload a picture (

ÜberTwitter 2.1 is one of a growing number of mobile Twitter apps built for the BlackBerry platform. You can access ÜberTwitter directly from your BlackBerry's built-in browser and its download through the Edge connection takes less than a minute.

ÜberTwitter lets you set font and avatar sizes. It's update screen is basic, but gives you the one really important thing you need--a character count. The menu adds, among other things, the ability to check spelling. Overall, ÜberTwitter is an effective BlackBerry Twitter tool, with enough functionality, responsiveness and features to satisfy your garden-variety BlackBerry Twitterholic.

However, even though praised by Mashable as the number one device on the market, ÜberTwitterers were tweeting in the dark after the DDoS attack hit recently. while other devices allowed users to Twitter once a gain, UberTwitterers failed to gain access for days."Until Twitter can resolve the issue you will continue to experience problems retrieving timelines and posting tweets using ÜberTwitter and any other clients," ÜberTwitter's CodeWarden (offical Twitter handle) in one of his tweet updates after the attack.

2- Twitterberry

Looking for another free and easy-to-use Twitter client for your BlackBerry? This product from independent developer Orangatame, offers a number of useful features. The latest version supports TwitPic, which lets you share photos on Twitter. It also works with next-generation BlackBerry handhelds like the Storm, the Bold 9000, and the Curve 8900, as well as all previous 8000s and 7000-series models dating back several years. It's a solid app, even if it doesn't have some of the bells an whistles of the others.

The critique that appeared often in reviews was the number of times one had to repeatedly return to the application's home screen to refresh a friends' timelines, replies, and personal timelines which becomes a tedious process. The other downsides to the Twitterberry are the lack of a search function, low LCD resolution and the inability to display BlackBerry alerts on the home page.

3- TweetCaster

Handmark has launched TweetCaster, a Twitter client for BlackBerrys. This app lets users toggle between multiple accounts, shorten URLs automatically, share photos, find nearby Twitter friends using the GPS radio (if so equipped), and track @replies and trending  topics. TweetCaster works on any BlackBerry device with a trackball, as well as the BlackBerry Storm. The app is free, based on the caveat you exchange one "tweet" about the application to your friends.

Here's a slick video presentation that highlights some this apps' fine features.

4- TweetGenius

TweetGenius is one of the latest Twitter clients that uses the cellular data network instead of SMS,which is handy for folks that lack an unlimited SMS plan. Priced at $9.99 for a download, its compatible with BlackBerry's Bold 9000, the Curve 8900, and the touch-screen Storm (with Curve 8300 and 8800 series BlackBerrys to follow soon). If you don't mind shelling out ten bucks for a BlackBerry Twitter app (some of the others on this TOP TEN are free), TweetGenius is vied over its competition based on its fast performance.


TweetGenius also registers 'alerts' on the home page with no need to continually refresh the display, and it can send tweets from any page in the app via a pop-up balloon. Its downside is it presently lacks GPS support. To sign up for the new TweetGenius Launch, you can register here.

5- SocialScope

SocialScope describes itself as “a mobile inbox for your social networks.” It allows users to access services like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr on your phone. Features include groups and URL expansion. The application is currently available for the BlackBerry, but the company plans to expand to other platforms. It has been in private alpha test, and has just recently opened a beta site..

After setting up both your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you’ll be able to see the latest status updates from your friends on both services, on the same screen, when you login to the application. From here, you can also update your status on both services simultaneously.

A couple of unique time-savers not found on some of the other TOP TEN picks is one: the ability to view an attached TwitPic as a thumbnail image. And two: when you’re browsing the Web, you have the option to “Send to SocialScope” from any page you’re viewing. When clicked, it automatically shrinks the URL (using and prompts an update so you can share the link on Twitter and Facebook.

SocialScope is in private beta. To request an invite, complete the form below and the company will contact you as soon as an account is available.

6- Twikini

Twikini is a rather lightweight client from Trinket Software, released in free beta. While iPhone owners have a wide range of Twitter apps to choose from there aren’t too many for Windows Mobile. Twinkini is one and its current incarnation was updated to version 1.1 just recently.

The Twinkini GUI is uncluttered and easy to navigate.  When typing out a tweet you are taken to an editor that counts the number of characters of your tweet.  Also, if you don’t like the default color scheme there are several other themes to choose from. Other features include integration with TwitPic, so you can easily share photos and Windows Media Player, which allows you to tweet what you are currently listening to.  In addition, Twikini also works with several URL shortening services including and  TinyURL.

7- iTwtr

ITwtr is a web-based, open sourced, free Twitter client for iPhones. This app makes it possible for users to get their Twitter fix on quickly. Once you log in, it will automatically download your Twitter feeds for archiving. 

The main feature that sets iTwtr apart from other iPhone Twitter clients is its capacity to download content in the background and save it for future viewing. iTwtr is very configurable. By default you are subscribed to your tweets, those from your friends and replies addressed to you. You can also subscribe to other Twitter content (e.g., other people’s favorites) and post from multiple Twitter accounts with the custom login option.

8- PocketTweets

 PocketTweets is a relatively new app for the iPhone that was designed and developed by Pixel Implosion's Bobby Andersen and Second Gear's Justin Williams. Its a web based client, accessible through Mobile Safari.  It allow you see the latest tweets from your contacts, update your status remotely, or see what's happening around the world by viewing the public timeline. all via EDGE or WiFi.

The interface is clean and intuitive, and includes easy navigation with the icons located along the bottom row of the screen. You can access all the typical Twitter menus like Friends, Archives, Direct Messages, and the Public Timeline. To enter text into the dialog box, one has only to tap the 'update' button.

9- Twitterrific

You can install Twitterrific on your iPhone or iPod Touch and experience the apps' unique ability to display all one's tweets from a particular conversation and to display the location of nearby tweeps. The full-featured app is free, but a $3.99 premium edition removes banner ads and the occasional notifications advising you to upgrade.

There are a few important features that are missing in Twitterific that are common in other clients; such as TweetDeck, iTweet, and Twhirl. There is no shortening of URLs within the program, nor is there an interface with TwitPic, TwitScoop or similar programs or URL’s — however, Twitterific can update your status in iChat, Adium, or Skype when you post a tweet.

10- TwitterFon

TwitterFon for the iPhone does nearly everything that Twitterrific does. Both allow you to view nearby tweets, include location info in your tweets, and search for terms and users. But although the basic version of TwitterFon is free, there is a fee of $4.99 for some of the features that come free with Twitterific, such as themes and multiple accounts. Paying for the Pro version also gets you shake-to-refresh and a landscape keyboard view.

TwitterFon is a good-looking, capable Twitter client for the iPhone, but its free version lacks multiple accounts and themes.

So are you you a ÜberTwitterer or a PocketTweeter? Take our poll and let us know what you think about how our TOP TEN list stacks up with you and which Twitter app you are presently using? Did we miss your favorite? Then by all please provide us with that feedback and tell us why you think yours is superior to the other listed? I look forward to your feedback.


Aug 13, 2009
by Anonymous

Best J2ME app

Probably the best J2me app out there at the moment is TwitterMobile, has a cool UI and is very straight forward to use.

Free download available from