Top Ten Video Spoofs Including 'The Situation' vs 'The iPad'

You gotta love spoofs. When the familiar become the object of schadenfreude*, it usually allows us to laugh at something that was taken way too serious. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, spoofing should be accepted for taking pot shots at people, places and things that sometimes we just love to hate.. And today's crop of TOP TEN Video Spoofs are exceptional additions to this popular genre.

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1- The Situation vs iPad
The pranksters at took hilarious liberties by combining the traditional Mac ad concept with a now well-known character from the "Jersey Shore." Check out the spoof of the new iPad vs. "The Situation." The Mac character notes that he's "actually a cross between a laptop, an iPhone, and an iPod touch." "The Situation" retorts: "I'm pretty much a cross between Rocky and Rambo... and Stallone." When "The Situation" asks "iPad" to take a picture of his abs, he replies with the top criticism and shortcoming of the new iPad - he can't take a picture, because he "doesn't have a camera!" Classic stuff. Hats off to

2- Dodge Charger
Some Superbowl commercials are one-night stands - meaning you only get to see them once. I don't know if this is the case with the Dodge Charger ad that was seen the most recent Superbowl. So in case you missed it, this spoof is the woman's response to the male point of view expressed in the original commercial. The premise is based on man committing to doing everything his woman wants, if he can get to drive the car he wants.  Since there was a lot of push back by women who see themselves as "victims" versus their male counterparts, check out this hilarious rebuttal in the ongoing battle of the sexes.

3-Google Super Bowl Ad
Stand-up comedian Jordan Cooper wrung this one rye with a satirical twist on another Super Bowl commercial - Google's very first Super Bowl commercial ever!  Apparently the video was unceremoniously rejected by Google's CEO Eric Schmidt when Cooper presented it to him (or so the story goes). Check out the comedian's (aka 'notaproblog') take on how Google could have spiced up its commercial with searches that include "life in Thai prisons" and "how to make a shank." 

4- Geico
Did you ever feel that "somebody's watching you" even in those "behind-closed-door moments" when you just need a little "alone" time. Well 'trainofthought' has put together a 42-second commercial that should have impressed the Geico execs. However, since this one has been around since March, 2009, I  guess they've screened it and didn't take kindly to the sport of pocket-hockey!

5- Old Spice

If you haven't seen it yet the latest Old Spice commercial will take you by surprise and definitely put a smile on your face. While produced in the style of a spoof, Old Spice is actually re-inventing itself and its image to break out of the mold of being the 'stodgy-old' after-shave your grandfather use to wear. See if you can relate to the man, his smell, and his horse?

6- Tiger Woods & Frank The Puppet
This spoof features Frank the Tiger grilling Tiger Woods.Remember those old commercials with Tiger Woods talking to his tiger-puppet club cover?  The tiger was named Frank and the commercials were filmed a few years back.  Now an embattled Tiger Woods is fighting to save his empire, his reputation and his family, so the producers of this spoof dubbed in new voice-overs to a hilarious affect. (X-Rated material alert: some of the language may be offensive). While it is mean-hearted and in bad taste, that's why it was selected for this TOP TEN list.

7- Kevin Smith vs. Southwest Airlines
Perhaps this is a spoof on Kevin Smith's new movie "Cop Out" or perhaps it is a spoof on the questionable service of Southwest Airlines who booted the overweight film director off a recent well-publicized flight.  But in either case, when it comes down to it - and Hitler takes sides, it times for both parties to take a step back and wonder what damage they have done to diminish each other's brand.

8- Blackberry
Rick Mercer, of Rick Mercer's Report on CBC Canada, has done an absolutely hilarious spoof on the Blackberry phenomenon. Anyone who owns a Blackberry knows how addictive they are. So much so, Crackberry addicts might need to purchase this 'head 'peripheral that allows Blacberry owners to totally focus on their smartphone versus the world around them. After watching this you will know why it's imperative to "protect your skull while you destroy your thumbs."

9- Mafia Wars
What are you supposed do when you're crops are growing on Farmville and you have so much friggin' times on your hands. Forgettaboutit - join the Facebook Mafia clan and learn from the real Good Fellas. If you liked Grand Theft Auto, learn from the real mobsters that have more tricks up their sleeve and horse's heads in their beds. Toby Turner created this hilarious spoof on January 19, 2010, and it already has attracted a quarter of a million page views.

10- Google Buzz
I had to get another Google Spoof into my TOP TEN, only because I love making fun of them (and for no other reason)!  This is satirical spoof of Google's arrogance in thinking they can say and do whatever they want - that they can copy intellectual property of others and re-create a replica in their own name. In this short, asks Google if they would like to address the public backlash over Google Buzz. They responded with "if we tell you to BUZZ, you will BUZZ. -  But they don't stop there - this hilarious spoof which debuted on February 16 has already tallied over 100,000 views. Definitely to go down in annals of Googledom as an all-time classic, see if you don't agree with their take on Google as masters of self-indulgence!

So there you have my TOP TEN picks for this year's best Video Spoofs.. Take our POLL and let us know which one made you lose it, pee your pants, jump up from your cubicle to tell a co-worker or just hit the proverbial funny bone right between the joints! And if we missed an obvious one that should have made the list, well screw it...there's just so many spoof videos we can cram into one blog!


Feb 23, 2010
by Anonymous

Sooooooo funny....

Thanks for putting these together Ron. They were all soooo funny. I couldn't pick a top but I did anyway for the poll. Seriously was laughing out loud which I don't normally do.

Rebecca Michaels
twitter: RebeccaMichaels