Fail Whale Killers

Now that micro-blogging has had its day in the sun, what is the next big "shiny" thing to capture our imagination? Ahoy me maties, who is the next Captain Ahab to take on the Fail Whale? Big thinkers have been hard at work struggling feverishly to be the first to market with an innovative new product that will knock the twitter bird off its perch! with 1000s of roll-outs tripping over themselves to organize a coup d'etat, I have surfaced the "Top Three" I feel have the best opportunity for success... - In June,2008 from the creators of came a potential replacement for Twitter that was guaranteed to take the digerati by storm. Based on a new evolutionary premise of plugging one's brain directly into the Internet... we are a little concerned why its taken so long for this social network construct to get out of Beta to beat Twitter at its own game!

ImageImage Grunter & Stalker- are new start-ups that look like major competition for Twitter as reported by Samantha Bee on Jon Stewart's Daily Show. Here Ms. Bee, the socially obsessed enthusiast seeks to glom onto every new social network device she can get her twittering fingers on.

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Flutter - takes micro-blogging to another level. Now that we have all figured out that 140 characters is just too much content, Flutter has introduce nano-blogging to overcome this time-wasting aspect of Twitter, and voila' 26 characters turns out to be their brilliant solution.  Like all flegling Web 2.0 social networking services, this one was developed in a dorm room by a couple of geeks with definitey too much time on their hands.

While it may be too early for any one thing to replace the arena we tweeps affectionately call the Twitterverse, these parodies and mockumentaries are definitely a commentary on how we view today's social media. Even ABC News has been trying to sniff out a story to determine how many people are sick of social networking? And a zMogo rebuttal was quickly posted to alert the media that this was not the case.

So out of of the top three "faux-replacements" we rolled out here, which new Intranet do you think has the best shot at competing with the tweeting sweetheart of the social media space? Vote here. Poll results will be revealed on April 30, 2009!
Apr 7, 2009
by Anonymous

Ron Callari's "Fail Whale Killers"

Loved this article and the subject! Ron's knowledge, creativity and great sense of humor make the internet frenzy tolerable and the future of it intriguing.
Judy Nelson