Topsy Searches Twitter With Google-like Results

When Twitter experienced a serious boom in users last year, everyone was talking about how amazing it was to see real time information sharing, and how useful and innovative Twitter's search function was.  Well, it seems like a new tweet search engine, Topsy may have gotten an edge on Twitter's internal search function, because the way this search engine is laid out is seriously awesome.

The smart thing they've done with Topsy's design is not make it so focused on the tweets, themselves.  This is great, because when people search around on Twitter, they want to see what people are saying, sure, but Twitter all about link sharing.  In fact, the advent of Twitter saw a sudden jump in the number of URL shortener services, a trend that eventually caused predictions to be made about how to tell if something is about to go viral, and how social news services like Digg should choose their content.

But I digress. What really makes Topsy worthwhile is all of the options in its well-displayed search results, which highlight the links that have been shared, as well as the tweet from which they came.  You can filter by day, month, year, photos, tweets, and trending topics.  Surely they have other media like video on the way.

I found Topsy to be extremely useful, both in the effectiveness of the search, and in the presentation of the results, which made it easy to discern what was important to me or not.  I don't really think that Topsy will beat Twitter at anything in particular, but Twitter had best check themselves if they want to keep search in-house, rather than in 3rd party sites.  Check out Topsy, and let us know how you liked it in the comments.