Tornado Beer Dispenser Puts a New Twist on Draft Beer

Designed for restaurants, bars and beer gardens, the Tornado Beer Dispenser from Jpaan's Asahi Beer pours a perfect mug of beer every time with an interesting side effect: a tiny, twisting tornado spins away in the center of the mug before joining the ideally engineered head rising over the mug's rim.

The dispenser features a pair of, for want of a better term, filling pads onto which the suddenly inadequate bartender locks a specially designed plastic beer mug. An injector nozzle built into the pad is forced into a complementary hole in the base of the glass. Flip a switch and draft beer (Asahi Super Dry, we assume) spurts into the mug – not upwards, but sideways so the beer won't be overly agitated and lose its carbonation.

Some CO2 bubbles out of solution as the level of beer in the mug rises; just enough to coalesce at the top of the mug in the form of a thick, luscious, foamy head. Ideal yes, exciting no... that's where the tornado comes in.

As the beer swirls around in the mug, a vortex of CO2 bubbles forms in the center of the mug. By the time the optimum level is reached you've got a full blown, Force 0.005 twister spinning away like a tiny, waterlogged Tasmanian Devil. This definitely calls for a chaser... in fact, make it a storm chaser!

Don't blink, though, or you just might miss it: bubbles tend to rise and spinning liquids quickly settle down. By the time you hoist the mug and exclaim “Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, Toto! It's a twister! It's a twister!”, you and your less-than-impressed drinking buddies are staring at a perfectly ordinary beer in an overly complex mug.

Asahi suggests a satisfying solution, however... order another round of Tornado Beers! Hmm, maybe those guys are smarter than we think. Visit the beer garden at the Tokyo Sanuki Club hotel in Roppongi, Azabu to see one of the first Tornado Beer Dispensers in action. Bottom's up! (via Walker Plus, My Lifenote News, and Asahi Shimbun Food Gallery)

This beer dispenser is not available in the U.S. If you are curious as to the selection of personal beer dispensers available in the U.S., take a look here

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