Torrent2exe Makes Downloading Torrents Dirt Simple

Most of you probably know what torrents are and how to use them, but surprisingly there are plenty of people who still have trouble with them.  Not that you could blame them.  The first trick with getting over torrents is that you have to allow all kinds of firewall access and direct port forwarding on your router, which can be a bit tricky for the novice internet user.  Torrent2exe takes all the guess work out of torrents for beginners and makes a simple executable file that allows the user to download their desired torrent.

No matter how simple the process gets for downloading torrents, there still has to be some understanding of the basics, and Torrent2exe is no exception to that rule.  The user must first locate at least the URL of the torrent file they want to download, if not upload the torrent they've gotten from a site themselves.  After that, though, it's pretty much fool proof.  Once you click "Start Download", the site will present you with an .exe file that you download, and upon running it, the torrent will download itself to your desktop once you allow proper access through windows.  Imagine that!  No port forwarding or any such hassle!

Those who use torrents to distribute files will find great use in Torrent2exe, as well.  Before offering the exe for download, the site presents you with a direct link which you can give to users to download your custom .exe file.  Also, the new beta version of the site allows you to make a custom splash screen that goes off before the torrent starts downloading, so you can add comments or shout outs before the download even begins.

Surfers who have been keen on torrents for years probably won't have too much use for Torrent2exe, unless they're in a place where they don't have their trusty uTorrent available, or there are firewall/port forwarding issues.  But for anyone wishing to share the fun and high speeds of torrents with their friends without the head ache of setting up a router for them will definitely enjoy it.  As a no-frills tool, Torrent2exe delivers in spades.  You can try a sample that I made here, and let us know how the service worked for you in the comments.