Torrent Relay Lets You Download Torrents Right Through Your Browser

Torrents have emerged as the biggest large file transfer protocol on the internet.  In fact, Ipoque, a German company that manages bandwith solutions for schools and ISPs, recently released its 2008/2009 study showing that 45-78% of all P2P traffic is under the BitTorrent protocol.  TorrentRelay is a site that is helping people take advantage of the swarmtorrentrelaylogotorrentrelaylogo of traffic by making the use of torrents just as easy as using your web browser.

If you've used torrents before, you know there can be certain degree of difficulty in getting your client set up to accomplish the transfer, particularly in the port forwarding department.  This is TorrentRelay's main advantage over normal clients.  You can get around firewalls and router port-forwarding by using TorrentRelay, which gets the same access that your browser gets.  Now THAT'S clever!

The site features two versions of its in-browser torrent client:  one for desktop web browsers and one for mobile browsers.  With each you have the option of using a basic account, or purchasing a "Prime" account, which will enable you to open a torrent, close you browser, and log in from another location to get your files once the client has fully processed the torrent.  The feature list on each is pretty extensive, and advanced settings can only be changed with a Prime account, which makes the service pretty attractive.  For this article, we just used the basic account, and still found the online client to still be quite useful.


You can load a torrent a number of different ways, which is another distinct advantage of TorrentRelay.  Ordinarily, you would download a torrent, and load it up in your client to start the download.  But, in some networks, you'll have trouble downloading a torrent or any file, for that matter.  With TorrentRelay you can enter in ID numbers from a few popular trackers, and even provide a direct link to the client to get the torrent.  Using the "Web Importer" feature, you can even give the URL of a search results page to find out what torrents are available from that page.


 Once you load your torrent, you'll want to leave the window open as it processes.  At the moment, a progress bar isn't available without a Prime account, but you can enable it to auto download your files as they become ready.  TorrentRelay will remember your IP as you navigate around the site's options and get familiar with the service, and when you back to "My Library", your torrents should still be there.

 As a client, TorrentRelay is full featured, and will work great for those who are just starting to use BitTorrent, and also experienced users who want more control over the specifics of the file transfer.  If you try the service without buying a Prime account, you will definitely notice that the system bounces you back many times when trying to download a torrent, saying "Sorry, the system is too busy".  Since this is their approach to getting you to pay for an account at TorrentRelay, there really isn't a way around it, unfortunately.   Still, the added convenience of not having to install a client, and configure port forwarding make TorrentRelay a real winner.  Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

Feb 24, 2009
by Anonymous

only 200kb?

I don't why I should this web based torrent with very slow speed

Feb 26, 2009
by Austin Keenan
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 Agreed: For torrents, that

 Agreed: For torrents, that is a relatively slow speed.  I use Utorrent at up to 2mb/s on my desktop at home, where I have all my ports forwarded.  This service is great for those who need to get around those types of restrictions or don't wish to go through the hassel of setting up a bittorent client and port forwarding.

Austin Keenan

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Apr 2, 2009
by Anonymous

is dere any other site other

is dere any other site other den cuz its now ask for money...... i live in a place where all ports for p2p is blocked.Is dere any way i download torrents??

May 11, 2009
by Anonymous

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