TorrX Is The First Smart Ball Pump


If you've ever played sports, you probably know the importance of a properly inflated ball. If it's flat, your tight spiral pass could turn into a dying duck, and if there's too much air, that sweet kiss off the backboard, may be a brick. With the TorrX, you get the perfectly inflated ball with the press of a button.

You know the drill: ball is flat, get out the pump, manually pump air in, squeeze the ball, bounce it, more air, squeeze, bounce, too much air, let some out, squeeze, bounce, that's about least that's the drill with a traditional pump. 

If you have the TorrX, all you need to do is insert the needle and press a button.

Using TorrXUsing TorrX

The TorrX is the first Smart Ball Pump. It's a compact and simple design that's super easy to use. Twist the bottom to reveal the needle. Insert the needle. The pump then measures the pressure in the ball. Press the "+" button to add air or the "-" button to decrease the air pressure.

With the TorrX, there's no guess work. You won't have to keep adding air and testing the pressure with a squeeze or bounce. You'll have an accurate pressure reading and be able to add or remove air as you need. 

TorrX Smart Ball PumpTorrX Smart Ball Pump

You can either use the Manual or Auto mode to inflate your ball, and the TorrX allows you to toggle through either PSI pressure measurement or BAR.

The TorrX has a lithium ion battery that is recharged via USB port in the top of the device. One full charge will pump up about 50 soccer balls. 

This Smart Ball Pump hasn't hit the public just yet. However, you can find out more information or pre-order your own on the TorrX website