Toshiba Announces New 3TB Desktop Hard Drives

As a result of the major changes that the desktop storage market saw during the last couple of months, Toshiba has managed to acquire the hard drive manufacturing prowess that Hitachi GST has long been known for, and the company is just beginning to put those assets to use. DT01ACA and DT01ABA mark a new range of 3.5” hard drives offering capacities from 250GB all the way up to 3TB with a variety of rotational speeds and cache sizes for the customer to choose from.



The DT01ACA models offer 7200 RPM rotational speeds for users needing higher transfer speeds at the consequence of more noise. The model numbers and capabilities are as follows:

  • DT01ACA025 (250GB, 32MB cache)

  • DT01ACA032 (320GB, 32MB cache)

  • DT01ACA050 (500GB, 32MB cache)

  • DT01ACA075 (750GB, 32MB cache)

  • DT01ACA100 (1TB, 32MB cache)

  • DT01ACA150 (1.5TB, 64MB cache)

  • DT01ACA200 (2TB, 64MB cache)

  • DT01ACA300 (3TB, 64MB cache)

Meanwhile, the DT01ABA series caters to those looking for quieter, more energy-efficient drives for multi-drive NASes and quiet PCs. All of them boast 32MB caches but differ slightly in rotational speed:

  • DT01ABA025 (250GB, 5700 RPM)

  • DT01ABA032 (320GB, 5700 RPM)

  • DT01ABA050 (500GB, 5700 RPM)

  • DT01ABA075 (750GB, 5700 RPM)

  • DT01ABA100 (1TB, 5700 RPM)

  • DT01ABA150 (1.5TB, 5700 RPM)

  • DT01ABA200 (2TB, 5700 RPM)

  • DT01ABA300 (3TB, 5940 RPM)

SATA 6Gbps interfaces, Advanced Format 4K sectors, 1TB-per-platter technology and two-year warranties are all present. Additionally, a V at the end of any of the model numbers above (for example: DT01ABA300V) signifies a version of the respective drive tuned for use in DVR's requiring constant streaming.

While Toshiba has not released pricing information yet, it is nice to see that users looking for more storage will not have only Western Digital or Seagate to choose from. (Via X-bit Labs)

August 2013 Postscript: At least the flagship, 3TB 7200RPM DT01ACA300 model has been readily available for awhile now, including at The same cannot be said for the slower-spinning DT01ABA counterpart, unfortunately.

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Aug 24, 2012
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