Toshiba Launches New 4K TVs

Toshiba 9 SeriesToshiba 9 Series

Today Toshiba launched its brand new 2013 9 Series TV which includes three actual devices. The first one is a 58" screen, the second is 65" and the most high-end model is 84". All three use the latest Toshiba technology in screen design, including Ultra HD display and 3D capabilities, offering resolutions four times higher than HD quality.

The most innovative part however is the CEVO 4K technology that the company has been developing.  This is a multi-processor system that provides full 4K resolution for TVs, which gives the same quality as movie theatres, with 3D support and Active Motion & Resolution, a processing technology that provides higher sharpness in moving scenes. The result is a TV set that has less ghosting effects and provides a more immersive image, even at close range, something that was not possible before full 4K became available in the living room.

Finally, the 9 Series has Cloud TV support, which is the company's online offering. Using this feature you can access Internet video sources like Netflix, Vimeo, Deezer, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and more through the TV, without the need for a set top box. These new sets will be available in stores across the UK soon, and around the world later this year.