Totally British Tailoring For Dogs: PETTeCOATS


PETTeCOATS British Clothing & Acessories For DogsPETTeCOATS British Clothing & Acessories For DogsAnglophile dogs rejoice!  There is finally a fashion site just for you.  It's called PETTeCOATS Online Pet Boutique and it's everything you British-descended dogs and wannabes ever dreamed of.  Get your waistcoats, bow ties, jumpers, cardigans and polo shirts in traditional British argyles, plaids, checks, and paisleys.... You can even get a beautiful Union Jack duvet pillow for your Anglo-dog.

I'll just share a few of the British fashions you can find at PETTeCOAT... there are hundreds that you Anglophiles will enjoy browslng.  Here are just a few of my faves from the e-store.... (Note: Dog models are not necessarily of British descent, but they may have been nationalized.)


1. The George Tweed Dog Coat

If this dog doesn't look like a British country gentleman... You'll be envious of your pup sporting this gorgeous fully lined tweed coat with immaculate details, high collar, decorative buttons.... Asta would be so jealous! (Tweed Coat)


PETTeCOATS George Tweed Dog CoatPETTeCOATS George Tweed Dog Coat


2. British Dog Black & White Dress Waistcoat

This stunner features a botton-up front and strap neck.  Great for special events. (Waistcoat)


PETTeCOATS Black & White Striped WaistcoatPETTeCOATS Black & White Striped Waistcoat



3.  British Bomber Dog Jacket

The original Flying Dog Jacket by Brown Waggles is the best dog version of the British bomber jacket I've seen yet. And this one's waterproof and lined with thick, soft fleece.


Brown Waggles Flying Dog JacketBrown Waggles Flying Dog Jacket



4. British Ballerina Tutu Dog Dress

Straight from the Royal Ballet at Convent Garden comes the Puppy Angel Swan Tutu Dog Dress in pink.


Puppy Angel Swan Tutu Dog Dress: image via PETTeCOATS.comPuppy Angel Swan Tutu Dog Dress: image via


5.  Argyle Dog Jumper 

In British English a Jumper can be a sweater or a shirt.  In this case, it's a gorgeous dog sweater in the most British of patterns, argyle, with a pink twist. (product)


PETTeCOATS Pink Argyle Dog JumperPETTeCOATS Pink Argyle Dog Jumper


6. Classic British Dog Cardigan Sweaters

Cardigans are as British as the Earl of Cardigan for whom the sweater was named.  Aren't these the dog's bones? (product)


PETTeCOATS Classic Dog CardigansPETTeCOATS Classic Dog Cardigans



7. Union Jack Deep Filled Dog Duvet/Pillow

Give your dog a Union Jack dog pillow to dream on.  He'll wake up barking, "I say there! What do you think I should wear for the fancy dress ball?" (product)


PETTeCOATS Union Jack Dog Duvet/PillowPETTeCOATS Union Jack Dog Duvet/Pillow


PETTeCOAT has tons more British fashion for dogs as well as some really well-bred dog furniture.  It's a must see!


That's the buzz for today!