The Totally Practical, Extraordinarily Stunning Canine's Raincoat


When you see the dogs on the runway in this fabulous Canine's Raincoat, you will want one for your dog!




If you're not crazy about The Canine's Raincoat yet, I'll tell you why I am....  All the dogs I've ever had hated their raincoats.  No, it wasn't wearing the coats that they objected to; it was the darn hoods.  They covered their ears, their most powerful connection with their surroundings, and they blocked their peripheral vision.  Can't say I blame them.

But The Canine's Raincoat is so cleverly designed.  It's got a nice wide hood that doesn't cling to a dog's head, and it's clear, see-through vinyl, which doesn't obstruct any part of their vision. Hallelujah!  And look at the design; it's like a little awning!


The Canine's Raincoat: image via hammacher.comThe Canine's Raincoat: image via


The Raincoat's hood is detachable from the water-repellent nylon coat, which is fleece lined for this cold, stormy weather we're having, but is light enough in weight to wear in the spring and fall too.  The Raincoat also sports two connections for a leash, one at the collar, where a D-ring can fit, and one a bit further down the back for the dogs who wear harnesses. The Canine Raincoat is trimmed with reflective material for better visibility - noone should miss your dog in this outfit!

Check out this great dog gear at Hammacher Schlemmer, and remember it comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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