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According to a recent article in Advertising Age, on July 1, a billboard featuring images of multiple butts “baring” smiley faces will be featured in Times Square in New York.

The ad is for a bidet called the Toto Washlet, who has purchased advertising space on a two-story, three sided billboard to promote their toilets, bidets and dryers in the United States. Their product line is very successful selling over 17 million in Europe but has barely any presence in America.

In conjunction with the billboard, if you visit the Washlet website, you’ll be able to place a face with that “rear view” and learn more about what makes the product “the most comfortable and cleanest bathroom experience you’ll ever enjoy.”

According to the article, the Washlet is more of a high-tech toilet seat “that cleans and dries with aerated water and warm air (both adjustable, via wireless remote, for temperature and strength).”

Over the last few days this billboard has been referred to as “Butts over Broadway,” “Cheeky Humor” and “Moons Over Manhattan.” Call it what you will, but what do you think of advertisement?

Check out their website: Clean Is Happy

Source: Ad Age

Amy Gifford
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Jun 27, 2007
by Anonymous Will Smiley (not verified)

Maybe a

Mr. Yuk sticker would be more appropriate.

It doesn't do anything to deal with the potty process itself, only the aftermath.  Putting a smiley face on something won't make the whole experience any better.  (You have to mess up to clean up.)