Touch Time Is The Simple Smart Watch

Smart watches are all the craze right now. From Pebble to Samsung, everyone is trying to get a piece of the wrist real estate. But what do most of these smart watches have in common? They need a smart phone to connect to them. That's where Phosphor's Touch Time is different. The Touch Time requires no connectivity to a phone, and doesn't need to be charged like a phone or traditional smart watch.

Different Band OptionsDifferent Band Options

The downside? The unit is completely self-contained. Everything that comes on the watch when you buy is everything that will ever be on the watch. There is no app store or way to upload programs into the watch. So what you are left with is a product that has limited versatility, but could be a great intro into the smart watch field for someone who is on the fence about the technology. 

The watch comes preloaded with digital clock, stopwatch, world clock, alarm clock, and calendar. That's it. One might argue that it isn't even a "smart" watch. The problem is, there is no definition of what makes a watch smart. The calendar is nice, but does not allow you to add appointments, birthdays, etc. That is handled by the Reminder app. But you can only set year, month, day; not a specific time. The reminder is nothing more than a preselected icon that pops up on the screen the day of. 


What could be the smartest feature of the Touch Time is the use of a small watch battery. Instead of having to charge it once a week or so, the Touch Time is able to last on one watch battery for approximately a year. This is a very nice feature, and allows you to treat this smart watch more like a regular watch.

Overall, the Touch Time is not a bad watch. However, considering you can buy a Pebble for $150, the 160 dollar price tag is too steep for what you are getting.

Source: Phosphor 

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