Touch Sensitive Bathroom Conserves Water

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You could take a 5 minutes shower to reduce your carbon footprint or you can step into an eco-friendly shower that powers on when you step in and conserves water. Several students designed a shower like this for a student project. It is touch sensitive and green.

This innovative bathroom was designed by students: Joel Williams, Claire Finch, Alexander Archer-Todde, Ethan Mcquillan, Liam Smith and Joel Neild and is just an innovative idea , not yet on the market, so far as I can tell. Despite the company name Roca on the design pictures it is not clear if the students created the design for Roca as well as the student project or if they just wish to.  

It was difficult to find more information on this high-tech planet-friendly shower nor could I find anyone to contact for more information, but if I understand the weird description correctly the eco-bathroom works like this: the shower has a sensor directed showerhead and floor panel. When you step into the shower, wherever you step the water will fall, like your own personal rain cloud, but gentler and controlled by you through the use of touch sensitive wall tiles in the shower. So, if you want more or less water pressure or if you want to change the water temperature (colder or warmer) you touch a touch sensitive wall tile to make the change.

The controlled water flow and placement of the water flow is suppose to eliminate the use of excess water, unlike today's shower where you have to stand (or squat if you are too tall for the showerhead, like someone I know whose name I will not mention) directly underneath the shower head to rinse off. In addition, the grey water from the shower is saved and redirected from the shower to the toilet to be used again for flushing.

The bathroom sink has two floor panels, one for hot and one for cold, below the sink that when stepped on activates the water flow. It is unclear if grey-water is used for the sink as well or if the grey water from the sink is redirected to the toilet too. This is the kind of great thing that can happen when great minds come together to solve a problem like today's' water guzzling bathrooms.

Take a look at the rest of the earth-friendly touch sensitive bathroom idea here at Yanko Design and if you know any more information about this project please share it with us below.

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Jul 22, 2009
by Anonymous

Hi, I was part of the team


I was part of the team that designed this! Any questions on the design...please contact us: