Touchless Eyeglass Cleaner Gives Lenses a Longer, Clearer Life

If you've been cleaning eyeglasses with soap & water, then drying with a towel or a glass cleaning cloth, you've been doing it wrong. The best way to keep your glasses clean AND clear over the long term is NOT to rub them. "Megane no Shampoo" (shampoo for glasses) lets you do exactly that!

Megane no Shampoo is made by SOFT99 Corporation in Japan and has been marketed since October 2006 with the tag line, "The right way of daily eyeglass care at home."

The eyeglass cleaner is specially formulated to lift dirt, debris, grime & oil off the surface of the lens and suspend it in solution. Just 4 or 5 sprays on each lens are enough to create a critical mass of liquid - wait a few seconds and rinse the solution away. Your eyeglasses will gleam like new, and you'll have avoided scratching the delicate surface in the process.

Megane no Shampoo is available at Japanese retail outlets and online from Rakuten. (via Infomap Japan)