The Touchpad: HP's Answer to the Ipad

Since the Ipad's release in April 2010, Apple's moved virtually millions of units.It kind of makes sense. Granted, it had its problems, but just the same, it sold like wildfire. See, Apple's garnered a very positive reputation in the market, and they didn't exactly have much competition for their new product. When they announced the Ipad 2, it seemed like last year would repeat itself over again. 

But then HP made an announcement of their own. 

The HP Touchpad will release this summer. Though it's got something of a dull name, it's still quite a nice looking product. From the looks of things, it'll be about the same size as the ipad- with a 9.7 inch touch screen- and will run at a resolution of 1024x768.  Small, but not eye-poppingly small. 

In addition to looking rather spiffy, the touchpad's going to have quite a few interesting features A built in camera, internal motion sensors, bluetooth support- it's a pretty spiffy device. 

Specification-wise,  we don't know much yet. HP has told us that it's also going to have a dual-core 1.2 gigahertz processor. Not bad for a system that size, really. They've kept most everything else about the system under wraps for the time being. Not all that surprising though. After all, the system's not going to market for some time yet.  

As well ,there isn't much word on what sort of software's going to be available for the Touchpad, either. All we know at the current time is that it'll be running WebOS-HP's proprietary mobile phone operating system- and include support for Adobe Flash.  Oh, and one other thing: HP's also announced that at some point in the future, all their PCs are going to run WebOS. 

In a lot of ways, HP's mimicking Apple's marketing strategy here. But hey, it's worked, so why not? Plus, it's nice to see that there's actually competition for this area of the market. The fact that people will have an alternative to the Ipad means that Apple's going to need to stay on its toes.