Touch-Screen Functionality Comes to Digital Photo Frames

Pandigital, a leading maker of digital photo frames, announced today a new line of frames with touch-screen functionality. Icons will appear on the screen to direct users towards the controls and available actions. Worried about smudging the picture and leaving smears all over your beautiful vacation photos? I would be! But not to worry, Pandigital has apparently thought of everything. Instead of touching the actual picture and leaving greasy finger prints all over the viewable area, the touch-screen controls will be embedded in a matte border that surrounds the picture, leaving your beautiful spring break photos of your trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, unscathed.

The new line of photo frames, called PanTouch, will feature both bluetooth 2.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity for the ultimate experience in transferring photos from your home computer. Take this to the next logical step and sure enough, you can sync the PanTouch photo frame with your bluetooth enabled cell phone to transfer pictures from your phone's camera. The frame can also display video clips and play MP3 files. Handy, perhaps if you make photo montages set to music.

There are three models available currently, the 7", 8", and 10.4" frames. These feature 482x234, 800x680, and 1024x768HD resolutions respectively. The 10.4" frame will feature high-definition quality photos and offer 512MB of internal storage. The 7" frame will offer 128MB of storage and the 8" frame will also offer 512MB of storage, internally. Beyond the bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, the frames will also feature 6-in-1 card readers for compatibility with today's most popular memory cards. Rounding out the feature set are USB 2.0 connectivity, clock and alarm functions, and a calendar.

The PanTouch line boasts an impressive list of features. Still, all the features in the world don't mean anything if the frame doesn't display photos well. A matte coating over the entire screen to prevent finger prints from sticking could potentially dull the picture. Still, with prices of $119.99 for the 7", $169.99 for the 8", and $249.99 for the 10.4", they might be worth checking out.

Via PC Mag