Liquid Gold: The Towa Watering Can Uses Urine As Fertilizer


GuldKannan's "Towa"GuldKannan's "Towa" Organic fertilizers, free from harsh chemicals, are quite environmentally friendly; however, they often come with a heavy price tag as well.  The Towa watering can, on the other hand, could supply you with a method of storing and pouring your own fertizlizer for free.  According Guldkannan, the swedish company that produces the Towa, "the best fertilizer is free."  Just to clarify, the "best fertilizer" to which Guldkannan is referring would be ... urine.


Towa Watering Can: by GuldkannanTowa Watering Can: by Guldkannan

Both watering can and chamber pot, the Towa promises to be both easy to carry and easy to use.  Thanks to it's "ergonomic" design the device is also comfortable to sit on, withstanding a weight of up to 300 pounds.  A "can" in more ways than one, the Towa holds up to 10 liters of golden fertilizer.  Once you've made your deposit, the truly man-made fertilizer can be stored in the watering can until it is ready to be used.  The container seals tightly to protect the nitrogen and guard against odor.  Recyclable and durable ploypropylene plastic is used to make the extra-large urine sample container without a trace of materials considered dangerous to health or the environment.  

But is "liquid gold" really a comparable fertilizer?  According to Håkan Jönsson, Associate Professor in cultivation technology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science, urine is a fine fertilizer and has been used by humans for centuries.  He says, "Fertilizing with urine has been common throughout history all over the world and provides seven times the harvest yeild as unfertilized soil ... Human urine has approximately the same fertilizing elements as liquid fertilizer used for potted plants, so it's very nitrogen rich.  Urine is the chemical prototype!"  So that's what the homeless guy at the park has been doing - fertilizing!

Urine makes a perfect fertilizer!Urine makes a perfect fertilizer!

You can order the Towa watering can for $83 at or if you're like most men I know, you're already perfectly comfortable doing your part to cut down on chemical fertilizers.  Clearly, this is a product designed for female comforts in mind.  

GuldKannan's "Towa": Urine Fertilizer Watering CanGuldKannan's "Towa": Urine Fertilizer Watering Can

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