Toyota Aygo: With This City Car's Fourth Generation, X Marks The Spot

The Toyota Aygo (“I Go”, get it?) has enjoyed considerable success in its European market niche over the past decade but something's always been lacking... mainly, memorable styling.

That's about to change in a big way. The fourth generation Toyota Aygo offers surprisingly bold styling (especially from the front) and a new slogan, “Go Fun Yourself”. Same to you, Toyota Aygo.

Visitors to the 2014 Geneva Motor Show had to read the sign twice to be sure they read it correctly – the new look of the new Aygo is distinctive to say the least, especially coming from traditionally staid Toyota. The X-marks-the-spot front end isn't just skin deep, however, as it indicates a complete redesign of this urban auto.

Toyota attributes both the bold look and the edgy “Go Fun Yourself” slogan to a branding push in the direction of younger drivers. The company claims to have tapped into today's Japanese youth culture for the new Aygo's main design themes and styling cues. Toyota also states the fourth generation Aygo will be more amenable to personalization and customization, features demanded by new drivers.

Under the skin, the new Aygo has a lot in common with its competitors, the Citroën C1 and the Peugeot 107. All three city cars are built by TPCA (Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile), a joint-venture company with recently-constructed manufacturing facilities in the city of Kolín, Czech Republic.


Badge-engineered they may be, but give Toyota credit for making the fourth generation Aygo stand out from its brethren. (via Le Blog Auto)