Toyota FCV Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Gets Pricing, 2015 Sales Date

It seems the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle concept debuted by Toyota at last year's Tokyo Motor Show was just the great-looking shape of things to come. The production FCV sedan has now been sticker priced and could be yours for the taking this coming April of 2015... that is, if you've got ¥7 million to spend.

That works out to $68,703 or €50,482 or £40,464 for you foreign types, and those numbers are only stated as an aid for anyone on their way to the airport foreign exchange counter... non-Japanese Toyota dealers won't be the first to offer consumers the chance of owning one of the world's first mass-produced fuel cell vehicles.

All is not lost, however, as Toyota was quick to reassure the press who attended the introductory press conference in Tokyo. Though the FCV sedan will initially be sold in Japan, sales will then commence in “specific” U.S. and European markets sometime next summer at the very earliest.

As other markets will gradually be offered the FCV depending on how quickly they develop a practical hydrogen fuel refilling infrastructure, those specific markets will be the ones who've been proactive in laying down so-called Hydrogen Highways... we're looking at you, California and Columbia, South Carolina!

But we digress... the Toyota FCV (no fancy Prius/Camry/Corolla name here, thank you!) is still very much a mystery machine as Toyota has released almost no crunchable numbers. What we do know can be extrapolated from info offered on the FCV Concept Car, which includes a range of around 435 miles (about 700 km) drawing on a full (12 pounds) tank of hydrogen. Refueling only takes about 3 minutes; almost long enough to enjoy a cigarette... just kidding.

As for performance, well, don't expect a roaring road-burner for your seventy grand: the concept car's top speed was 106 mph which while not neck-snapping, is more than enough for the real world.

Next we come to comfort and the utilization of interior space, and while the former may be exemplary for the driver and up to three passengers, don't expect loads of storage space even in a rather tall vehicle measuring (again, based on the FCV Concept Car) 4,870mm long by 1,810mm wide by 1,535mm high (16 x 5.95 x 5.05 ft). 

Toyota designers and engineers managed to shoehorn a 100 kilowatt hydrogen fuel cell stack under the front seats while the 100 kilowatt electric motor (and the associated electronics) fit snugly under the hood. Room also had to be found for a small electric battery pack and a pair of hydrogen fuel cell tanks... bet you're glad THOSE weren't installed under the front seats! (via Transport Evolved)