Toyota Corolla Goes Electric...Sort Of

The Toyota Corolla has been a fine automobile since it's introduction in 1966. It has undergone several redesigns and hundreds of slight changes. Recently, a company based out of Finland decided it needed another change, but not nearly as subtly as some body lines. They plan on replacing the internal combustion engine with an all electric system.

Sähköautot-Nyt!, which means electric cars now!, is hoping to sign up over 500 prospective buyers for the first series of production. By taking stock Corollas off the lot and fitting the system onto the car, they not only help to increase the number of electric cars on the road, but they also decrease the availability of petroleum powered models. Even on a small scale, such changes have huge potential.

Being a non-profit organization, the company has opened itself to donations from suppliers which will help to piece together the prototype kit. In return, once the kit has been developed and tested, Sähköautot-Nyt! will build a database of dealers, auto shops and suppliers to help customers find and outfit a new Corolla.

The kit and car together should cost about the same as a new Corolla right off the lot. The fuel savings should cover any overlap. Currently, the kit will only be available in Finland, but since the company considers themselves open-source, they are more than willing to share the research and development with similar companies in other countries.

From : SpringWise , Wikipedia