Toyota Promising Sporty Aftermarket Division for Nearly Every Vehicle…Hybrids Included

With so much attention being put on the upcoming Toyota FT-86, it should come as no surprise that the parent automaker is also working on an aftermarket performance division to boost sales even more. What makes this news even more exciting is that the automaker may also be using the new department to build full models.

This new division, currently being dubbed the "Gs" line will be focused on producing higher performing parts for already existing Toyota vehicles. The division will not focus purely on sporty models either. For example, the new G Sport Prius complete with a body kit and other aerodynamic goodies was designed by the Gs engineers. The sport tuned Mark X, available for the Japanese market, was also created almost exclusively by the Gs design team.

While these are all well and good, the real story will be centered on the turbocharged engine slated for use in the FT-86. According to some, this could mean two different ways to create your own track ready daily driver. A full parts line will be available after some development takes place, which will mean a steady supply of go-fast bits for the early buyers of the FT-86. If you decide to wait, you might be able to buy a factory tuned FT-86 that already has be given the Gs treatment.

No word on how long it will be before we begin seeing the Gs name stamped on our current models.

Auto Motto
Feb 10, 2010
by Anonymous

This Id drive, Nice

Despite recalls, Id drive this Big Time.

Good show Toyota.

How radical.

Feb 17, 2010
by devvon

make ur vehicles safer

if toyota really cares about making safer, i am a freelance engineer i can do that for them, gauranteed 2 put them in the lead for safety