Toyota Reveals MR2 Based Hybrid Sports Car

After the obligatory waiting period since first being mentioned, Toyota has finally taken the cover off of their upcoming MR2 based Hybrid Sports Car. While the design seems to make perfect sense with what consumers are asking for, the name currently being used leave something to be desired.

The Gazoo Racing Master of Nurburgring, or GRMN for short, will be making use of Toyota's THSII Hybrid Drive System linked to a 3.3 liter V6 petroleum engine. Power will be fed to all 4 wheels, but only when both propulsion systems are in use. While cruising at low speeds, the electric motor will be feeding the front wheels.

When more power is "needed" the full force of the V6 will kick in, powering the rear axle, and bringing the total output of the 2 powerplants up to 392 horsepower. With a curb weight right at the 3300lb mark, it should be able to sprint to 60mph in the mid 4 second range.

A production timeline has not been made official, but many are looking at this to combat Honda's CR-Z.

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