Toyota to Revive MR2 with a Prius Based Sports Coupe

Two years ago, Toyota unveiled the FT-HS concept at the North American International Auto Show. At the time the FT-HS concept was to be an environmentally friendly sports car that provided some excitement for drivers, while still being responsible. After that, the concept disappeared from the radar and nothing was heard about it. Now, it seems as though Toyota is planning on using the FT-HS concept as way to bring back the ever popular MR2 in the form of a 2-door Prius.

FT-HS ConceptFT-HS Concept
At its unveiling, the FT-HS concept was to be powered by a 3.5 liter V6 hybrid engine. New details have the possible MR2 being powered by a similar power train as the current Prius, with a few additions. The aerodynamics will be revamped to decrease drag and increase fuel economy and a new suspension will add a few points in the handling department.

2010 Prius2010 Prius
A paddle shift gearbox will also be equipped and, in keeping with the heritage of the MR2, provide power to the rear wheels. From a standstill, the new MR2 should hit 60mph in about 7 seconds. Toyota is aiming to keep the price in the range of $24,400, which will keep it fairly competitive with other automakers.

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Mar 23, 2009
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May 17, 2009
by Anonymous

New MR2

This Id rent, maybe own.

Looks OK to me.

Beats the 1980s MR2 models.

Must improve here.